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SAP Launches Cloud Blockchain platform, jumps on DLT Bandwagon

SAP, a multinational software company has launched a Cloud Blockchain platform for service known as SAP Leonardo Blockchain. The company made this report on Wednesday, June 6th. The Cloud Blockchain platform is made to enable corporate clients to build networks and applications through the use of Cloud Blockchain platform. During the official announcement of this platform, SAP emphasized that the brand new Blockchain service will be compatible with MultiChain and Hyperledger Fabric and will also be built on the data management system of SAP’s SAP HANA.

What does SAP senior vice president have to say about this Cloud Blockchain platform?

SAP’s senior vice president for innovation and product  and also the head of the digital customer service initiatives, Gil Perez, however explained that SAP will not devote to any individual core distributed ledger technology to become more flexible as this Blockchain market grows and increases. Also, SAP has accepted 27 new members from sectors such as distribution, logistics, pharmacy, telecommunications and utilities for its cloud Blockchain platform in order to integrate this technology into the internet of productions and also into the production and supply chain solutions.

What do you think are the Advancements made by Amazon and Microsoft?

During this spring, Amazon and Microsoft both announced new advancements in their Blockchain technology applications, with the Microsoft Azure launching its application for Blockchain technology while Amazon has launched Ethereum Blockchain frameworks applications as well as Hyperledger Fabric. The company also wants to speed up the adoption of a Cloud Blockchain platform for various businesses as it is usually said that

“a stitch in time saves nine”.

SAP seeks to integrate its services with Blockchain technology with a great launch.

SAP’s expectations for adopting a Cloud Blockchain platform

The company has its hopes up and is waiting for the SAP Cloud Blockchain platform to be compatible with Hyperledger Fabric, and also support or be compatible with MultiChain. SAP’s current users can now use the Blockchain to build networks and applications. The company announced that its new offer will use SAP HANA Data Management Suite, and that it will be designed and built on SAP HANA. With reference to the company’s newsroom, it was reported that SAP has worked with more than 60 companies in all sectors to develop Blockchain use cases in various industries, such as transportation, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

SAP also disclosed in its report that it has established a worldwide Blockchain consortium with about seven founding members to accelerate Blockchain technology adoption in the company. The founders include HPE, Intel, and A3 by Airbus SE. It is currently being said on the media that use cases, such as transportation or production, are not “fully cooked”, and majority of analysts will still tell you that the Blockchain is overly promoted. However, SAP is convinced that this technology can deeply change business and IT processes.

Furthermore, its management is out to ensure the vision and mission of the organization are enhanced through the launching of the cloud Blockchain platform or technology. Nonetheless, this idea should come in handy, as the media already believes it will be a great source of development to the company.

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