Coinbase + Paradex

Coinbase introduces Coinbase Pro and Acquires Paradex

Coinbase announces Coinbase Pro

In a previous article, we discussed the two dominating cryptocurrency exchages in the market and came to the conclusion that no position is guaranteed forever and there is no such thing as “too big to fail.” Well, now Coinbase has taken a big step in terms of technology. The digital currency exchange announced the launch of Coinbase Pro, a new platform that will take the place of GDAX. The co-founder and CEO of the exchange, Brian Armstrong, made the announcements through the corporate blog of the company, clarifying that the goal of Coinbase Pro will be to adapt the company’s products to the interests of their customers.

According to the published information, GDAX will shut down on June 29 and all customers will be transferred to the new platform. For its part, Coinbase Pro will offer new features for its users in addition to those offered by GDAX, making the commercial experience “much easier and more intuitive”.

There are new features included, like an updated graphics systems, the simplification of withdrawals and deposits, as well as a new graphic interface for the portfolio. The services related to cryptographic aspects will be implemented together with other features that will allow the exchange of ERC-20 assets.

Paradex joins Coinbase

Asiff Hirji, president and director of the US-based exchange announced on his Twitter account that he is delighted that Paradex will be joining them, because it is a key step to make many more tokens available for their customers. Paradex is a decentralized platform (DEX) where it is possible to exchange ERC-20 tokens directly from wallets that run on the 0x platform.

The Paradex website also highlights the integration with the US-based exchange, along with the commitment of the team to create, alongside with the exchange company, an open and decentralized financial system. It is reported that since May 23 the applications are not available due to the integration work being done to incorporate new features and services.

Coinbase is one of the few exchange houses that in 2017 obtained the BitLicense (a permission to operate in New York), being one of the most important companies in the crypto world. Its successful growth strategy has been recently analyzed in a CBInsights report, which positions the company as one of the most secure platforms for investors, with operations in 32 countries around the world.

The company seems to be very interested in expanding its range of services and staying at the forefront of the existing competition within the commercial ecosystem.