Coincall Marks Bitcoin Cash as Shitcoin

Coincall Market Price Coin Tracker

Coincall is a Cryptocurrency Market price tracker. It is very easy to track one’s cryptocurrency portfolio using this site. It is an investment platform allowing users to handle their cryptocurrency assets. This tracker allows the user to know the total worth of their investment portfolio. If we own different currency, this tool will help us to calculate the total amount of money we own in any currency of their choice.

Coincall Marking Shitcoins with Symbol

Coincall has started marking coins that are considered as scams as shitcoins. They have a separate column that has a symbol with “Pile of Poo”. If a particular coin has this symbol then that coin is considered a shitcoin. This is very useful because Noobs won’t get scammed by these coins and will not lose money.


Coincall Explanation on Exposing Crypto

In their blog, they have mentioned that the beginning of ICO opened the doors for easy money. This in-turn helped greed to take over. A lot of dubious projects appeared to steal money from the people. They also added that these projects deliver zero value and in the long term give a bad reputation to the whole of Crypto and ICO space. So they have decided to go public about it.

They mentioned an initial list of shit coins and in that, we can see the below coins

  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Tether
  • Bitcoin Diamond
  • Veritaseum
  • BitConnect
  • Davorcoin
  • Regalcoin
  • Centra
  • Plexcoin

They have also mentioned that the collective marketcap of these shitcoins comes to a staggering $29.12 Billion. In addition to all this, they went one step further in mentioning the real-time chart of the shitcoins’ marketcap. This is really hilarious.

Coincall labels Bitcoin Cash as Shitcoin

Many were stunned to see Coincall labeling Bitcoin Cash as a shitcoin on their website. They have given the explanation that this was labeled since Bitcoin Cash was trying to confuse new users and creating brand confusion with Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin Cash was taken as an example of a shitcoin, so we can say that BCH is the flag bearer here.

In their explanation, they have clearly mentioned that Bitcoin Cash’s supporters try to use Bitcoin’s name and try to confuse new users. They have also mentioned how they bought the @bitcoin twitter handle and used it as a Bitcoin Cash’s propaganda tool.

They also included Roger’s famous interview with Bitcoin Error Log where he quit the interview in rage since he felt insulted for calling Bitcoin Cash Bcash. In the description of the video, they have mentioned the below quote

The video below features the main figure behind Bitcoin Cash, Roger Ver. You can judge for yourself if this is the kind of leader you want behind something you invest in :