How CoinDash helps in diversifying portfolio

There’s no doubt about the fact that cryptocurrencies are exploding like never before. In the year 2017, BTC or Bitcoin grew from US $1000 to more than US $10,000 per BTC. With this kind of growth comes a huge explosion in the trading market which continuously keeps increasing the value of the currency. This can definitely be an ideal choice for the novice cryptocurrency traders due to the fact that you won’t require any personal wallet for cryptocurrency and the traders can get a feel for the movements of the market without the need to purchase it outright.

How should you invest in cryptocurrency?

If you’re someone who wishes to invest in cryptocurrency and not only for buying, trading and selling, you will have few options. The traders who are beginners can choose between:

 The GBTC trust the way it is sold from the stock market
 An exchange to purchase coins and a wallet where you can store coins
 A cryptocurrency IRA although this isn’t recommended unless someone uses it
 A hybrid exchange-broker-wallet which lets customers buy, sell or even store cryptocurrency.
If you’re not sure what a cryptocurrency wallet is, it is a place where you can store all kinds of encrypted passwords which represent coins. Just like when you wish to trade stocks, you require a bank account and this is similar to storing money in a bank account.

CoinDash – A social trading platform for making better investments

As long as the best platforms for online trading are concerned, CoinDash needs mention. This is basically a social trading platform which leverages a crypto based platform. With this CoinDash, you can trade in an effective manner and perform different tasks in an effective manner. It is possible to get valuable insights on your cryptocurrency trading portfolio with the help of this platform. You can also follow investors for their best performance so as to invest funds in the way the investors did.

What is so special about CoinDash and how is it different from the rest?

Well, there are many things that separate CoinDash from the others and if you wish to know the USP of CoinDash, here are few points:

 CoinDash already has a working product
 They are the first project and the contributors of this project are the end-users as well
 CoinDash is the first to introduce the features of social trading on a cryptocurrency platform
 They’re based in 2 different offices at the same time in Shanghai and Tel Aviv
 Almost all the team members are experienced in the world of cryptocurrency

Based on the product, the Beta version of this has already become popular among 2K users and the final product of CoinDash will be out during the middle of 2018 and there are lots of features which are already operating and which can be used at the present moment. You can take into account the above-mentioned points before taking a plunge into the world of cryptocurrency trading.

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