CoinDash to Host ICO with WINGS on Ethereum Mainnet

CoinDash, an operating system for cryptocurrency invstors, has recently announced its partnership with the WINGS Platform, a decentralized platform for the creation, vetting and funding of projects. The announcement reads:

“We at CoinDash are delighted with this promising cooperation. WINGS is a Crypto space success story, by joining forces, CoinDash will be able to both create a network effect and receive valuable feedback from the community.”

The partnership will see the CoinDash ICO vetted by the WINGS DAO decentralized community. But what does this mean exactly?

Often referred to as the “wild west of finance”, the cryptocurrency investment space is possibly the most exciting one out there with globally accessible markets that run 24/7 and high daily volatility that makes for huge gains and, of course, huge losses as well.

Although this has become a space that some tech and investment-savvy users can easily navigate, it has a steep learning curve for those that do not possess the same knowledge or expertise. This becomes even more evident for users that are just joining the cryptocurrency space and must cram in roughly eight years of development and progress in the blockchain sector that have led to today’s landscape.

However, a new generation of blockchain-based applications focused on paving the way towards a more user-friendly cryptosphere are beginning to emerge. This is the case with the WINGS platform, where users can take advantage of tools like forecasting markets and ICO libraries to easily create, evaluate and fund decentralized projects.

It is also the case with CoinDash, an operating system for cryptocurrencies that aims to lower the entry barriers and learning difficulty for users that are new to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, providing an extensive array of tools and services like interactive portfolios, analytics, social trading features and others. These tools can help entrant users as well as experienced traders navigate the innovative world of blockchain tech, thus advancing mainstream adoption.

Operations within the CoinDash platform will require the user to pay a fee which is to be paid in CoinDash’s own token, creating a direct correlation between the success of the platform and the value of the token itself. In order to provide a fair distribution and to fund the development and marketing of the platform, the CoinDash project will host a crowdfunding campaign.

Following the forecast of projects like Dfinity and Qtum at the Blockshow awards, the WINGS DAO community will also evaluate CoinDash ICO shortly after it starts, leveraging the concept of the wisdom of the crowds to provide an accurate forecast. CoinDash will, as so, become one of the first ICOs in the space to be vetted by a global community and through a decentralized forecasting system.

CoinDash will also make use of WINGS social bounty management platform to maximize community engagement and rewards, a move that has earned the WINGS a global and culturally diverse community.