CoinGrocer | Buy groceries using your cryptocurrencies

CoinGrocer | Shop for groceries with crypto

CoinGrocer is a recently created website that combines online grocery shopping with technological innovation, in this case, payments with cryptocurrencies. Via their official Twitter account, they comment that they offer 21,000+ healthy and organic products that users can pay for using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Monero (XMR) and Litecoin (LTC).

This new website was created by several users who wanted to combine healthy food and cryptocurrencies. Members of this site state that nowadays it is convenient to create websites that allow the possibility of paying with this type of asset. They recognize the importance that cryptocurrencies are beginning to acquire, so they implemented this way of payment since very few have allowed it so far.

To offer maximum security, they have signed an agreement with the famous company GloBee, as a worldwide payment processor.With GloBee, payments can made with cryptocurrencies in a secure manner.


Everyone who accesses the page can enjoy a wide variety of products, including healthy basic food items, home, beauty and health products by using the aforementioned cryptocurrencies.

Although they have only started including 5 types of cryptocurrencies, the CoinGrocer team has commented on their intention to add other crypto assets that are currently in the crypto market, such as Dash, NEO, Riple, Decred, EOS, IOTA, Dogecoin and Cardano, in order to expand the payment options on its platform and completely replace payments with Visa or other credit cards.

We could say that CoinGrocer is the first online supermarket that accepts cryptocurrencies around the world. For now, this platform is functional only in the United States. Hopefully, it will expand to any part of the world in the very short term.

To try this service, you can do it by clicking here.