ConnectJob Partners with Centurion, one of Dubai’s Biggest Investment Companies

ConnectJob Teams Up with Centurion

ConnectJob, a company providing a decentralized geolocation-enabled app that lets you pay for typical everyday services with crypto, has entered into a partnership with Centurion. Centurion happens to be UAE’s top investment company. ConnectJob utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to match people offering services to those who require them. Typical services include completing household chores, home maintenance work, and even ways to assist with shopping and leisure activities.

A Blockchain City

Already, ConnectJob has accumulated over $5 million through its ICO, which is scheduled to last till late 2018. According to the company, its users in the Middle East are entitled to purchase its tokens at a 25% discount. This initiative should significantly contribute to Dubai’s 2020 Blockchain Strategy, the goal of which is to turn Dubai into a place “built on the blockchain”. The booming city, which has a much lower tax rate than similar European cities, aims to process bill payments, licenses, and even visa documents through a blockchain.

Monetizing Job Skills on Blockchain

Yoni Assouline, CEO and co-founder of ConnectJob, says “We need to help people to monetize their skills and to earn a decent living.” That’s why his company was launched, according to Yoni. He then explains that by leveraging blockchain technology, the company will enable users to exchange its token for the services that they provide or receive. Furthermore, his company plans create a “technology block” which will store all job-related information, including the app’s user profiles, in a decentralized manner.

How the App Works

The people offering services on the app are called “Jobbers”, and they are able to generate quick invoices using the company’s proprietary tokens. Usually, the amount charged per job is determined beforehand, and whether it’s negotiable is not clear at the moment. By design, all services are managed by smart contracts. Since there won’t be a middle-man, the app might work more efficiently than its competitors. Notably, you might not be able to use the app to find highly-skilled labor or very specialized types of services, but it seems to have the potential to cater to most day-to-day tasks.

Productivity Maximized

Ali Kassab, Chairman at Centurion, says Dubai’s 2020 Blockchain Strategy intends to save over 25 million man hours and significantly cut down on costs associated with paper documents. Mr. Kassab also stated that his company is planning to bring other crypto-related companies and ICOs to the UAE. Almost everyone acknowledges the numerous benefits of the benefits of blockchain technology, even if they don’t approve of cryptocurrencies. So, it’s quite possible that using blockchain could make what ConnectJob, or any other app or company, is trying to accomplish much more efficient and effective. However, how well a product or service is engineered from top to bottom, the way it is marketed, and how it manages to stay relevant and competitive go a long way in determining if it will be worthwhile and successful.