Craig Wright

Craig Wright, Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Founder, Accused Of Stealing Assets Worth $5 Billion

Craig Wright Sued For Swindling Over $5 Billion In Digital Assets

Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist who claimed, back in 2016, to be one of the main people involved in the development of Bitcoin, is now being accused of stealing a staggering $5 billion in assets, most of which are in the form of cryptocurrency. Moreover, Wright is now being sued for allegedly snatching these up from a computer-security expert, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor has been hit with a lawsuit, filed in federal court in West Palm Beach, Florida, by the late Dave Kleiman’s brother. The lawsuit, which was filed on February 14th in Florida’s West Palm Beach federal court, states that Wright created bogus contracts and fake signatures to get a hold of a large number of bitcoins that belonged to Dave. Kleiman’s brother further explains that the bitcoins had all been mined by Dave, prior to 2013 when he expired.

Wright Accused Of Backdating Contracts & Forging Signatures

According to the Kleiman family, Dave is the rightful owner of over 1 million bitcoins and various other blockchain-based technologies, which had been mined and created before his death. Some reports estimate the value of these assets to be as high as $6.3 billion. Moreover, Kleiman family’s appointed lawyers wrote in the complaint:

Craig forged a series of contracts that purported to transfer Dave’s assets to Craig and/or companies controlled by him…[and] backdated these contracts and forged Dave’s signature on them.’’

Notably, Craig Wright currently resides in London, even though he’s of Australian origin and was not available for comment. In addition to being sued for swindling Dave’s assets, the “businessman” has also been accused of transgressing the terms and conditions of his partnership obligations to Kleiman.

Cybersecurity Company Launched By Craig Wright & David Kleiman

At press time, there was no mention of whether Craig Wright had appointed an attorney. However, there was quite a bit of potentially pertinent information provided in the court filing. For instance, suit papers mentioned that a company by the name of  W&K Info Defense Research LLC was established in 2011 jointly by Wright and Dave Kleiman. Based on the records, the company’s main objective was to offer services related to cybersecurity. Additionally, the reports revealed that Wright had worked alongside Kleiman to contribute to further development of Bitcoin and large-scale mining operations. The suit papers also noted that approximately 1.1 million bitcoins had been kept in various joint trusts in the United Kingdom, Seychelles Islands, and Singapore.

This case,  Ira Kleiman v. Craig Wright, No. 18-cv-80176, U.S. District Court,  Southern District of Florida, could drag on in court for months, or even years. Unless, of course, there’s solid evidence that Craig Wright definitely embezzled these funds.