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Crazy Crypto Twitter Roundup | John McAfee, Jimmy Song, Bitcoin Mom

Crypto Twitter is an exciting place filled with controversy and oftentimes heated debates over irrelevant and petty things. However, there are some tweets which are worth talking about. So, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Let’s start off with one of our favorites – Bitcoin Developer Jimmy Song. This guy has some interesting views about why Blockchain Technology is only suitable for Bitcoin. He also has a cool YouTube channel where he discusses What is The Lightening Network?

Jimmy seems to have a lot of talents, including the ability to write well. We previously covered his medium post on “Why Hard Forks Are Altcoins.” But, his latest tweet, part of his Sunday Survey asks:

Jimmy Song Sunday Survey

So you see, when you follow the right people on Crypto Twitter, you realize that the most intelligent crypto influencers can talk about a variety of topics. Here, Jimmy is engaging his audience by asking them interesting questions regarding their diets. Personally, I responded with “no dietary restrictions.” This I think is an interesting way to learn about what your followers like or prefer. It does not have to be about crypto all the time!

Alright, enough about Jimmy. Then, there’s the famous Crypto Twitter King John McAfee. The controversial crypto influencer tweeted today: 


McAfee has always been a colorful personality, and he’s definitely not alone. Perhaps not as popular or controversial as the creator of Norton Antivirus is the more lovable Crypto Twitter personality, the @bitcoinmom. Not exactly thrilled with what Brooke aka “Bitcoin Mom” is retweeting though:

Not too fond of this Balaji chap. He’s another tough Crypto Twitter guy trying to act and sound smart, however, his tweets are usually very boring. 

And next we have a tweet from the Loom Network:

Loom Network

This whole concept of trying to play games on a blockchain is getting nauseating, considering that it’s just a very slow database and how badly CryptoKitties clogged up the Ethereum network.

Finally, the Crazy Crypto Twitter roundup won’t be complete without Zoe Dolan, the “Cryptoqueer. Lawyer. Writer. Disruptor. Traveler. Decentralization enthusiast. Hiker. Cyclist. Yogi and Sufi. Solo polyist. Bi-polar. Creator of stuff.” Dolan’s recent tweet is about Stellar (XLM):

Zoe Dolan

Yet another silly Crypto Twitter member offering their ridiculous analysis of the top coins/tokens. For God’s sake, there’s a $13 billion difference between the market capitalization of Ripple (XRP) and that of Stellar’s XLM.  Not a fan of Ripple or Stellar, but some people should just stay out analyzing cryptocurrencies, especially when they have no credentials or aptitude to do so.