Creativechain – Disrupting Copyright

In the blockchain space, there are multiple solutions (some in development) for decentralized content sharing platforms. While these provide a certain degree of protection against copyright protected material being published/viewed on the network, they do not focus on providing protection or licensing to content creators that upload their content to the platform.

A new project, Creativechain, is building what could be considered both a content sharing and distribution platform as well as a platform to register and license original content. Let’s see how it works.

Creativechain leverages the immutability and transparency that is provided by blockchain and its future network of miners to provide a platform that allows content creators to certify the authorship and license of use or distribution of any work or digital creation while also providing a platform for content consumers to navigate and purchase/access content. Creativechain also provides a built-in payment system which is the blockchain itself and its native value token, CREA. These tokens can be purchased on the ongoing ICO or mined with computational power.

Not only does Creativechain provide content creators with an immutable record that is used to timestamp creations and that can be verified and consulted by anyone, it also issues a digital certificate of authenticity. Furthermore, Creativechain also creates an open channel of direct legal advice with specialized copyright lawyers that can provide legal counsel to the users.

When registering content in the Creativechain platform, digital content creators are able to choose between various P2P distribution methods, including creative commons & copyleft, royalty free, equity crowdfunding, donation-based and limited edition. Each of these methods is tailored to serve different needs or monetization strategies. The user will be required to pay a content registration fee of 0.001 CREA. In order to incentivize content creators to register open licenses, part of the funds obtained in the ongoing ICO (8%) will be used as a reward for authors who have distributed their work under open licenses (based on the quality of the content).

In order to ensure that content is stored and shared in a decentralized manner, making it impossible to censor or alter, Creativechain registers metadata on its blockchain that is used to reference a file on the Tarsius File System (TFS). This guarantees the availability of data with a configurable amount copies (initially 10). These files are encrypted by TFS and stored on the Torrent network.

The file can now be bought or viewed by content consumers according to the various P2P distribution methods mentioned above. Other content creators may also make use of the content, giving way to what is known as “creative chains”. These establish a connection between various pieces of content, creating a graphic representation of the content’s evolution. For example, an artist can produce an instrumental, which is then purchased and used by a singer. The result could then be used in a documentary. Thanks to creative chains, anyone would be able to follow the evolution and transformation of various pieces of content.

To learn more about Creativechain visit the official website or read the whitepaper.