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Crypto Book Preview: Would Mastering Ethereum Be Worth My Time?

Andreas Antonopoulos, a well-known Bitcoin (BTC) maximalist, will soon have a new book out called Mastering Ethereum. The book has already been completed but it won’t be shipped out until December 25th (Christmas time). There are all kinds of discounts on Amazon for it, and you can go check if it ships to your location, etc.

As usual, you can take a sneak peek into Mastering Ethereum and when you do, you’ll learn that the book is mainly for programmers. While its target audience is coders, others can read the first few chapters to get an idea of the fundamentals behind how blockchain technoology and something like Ethereum, a world computer, should work and how they are working at present.

Can You Start Mastering Ethereum With This Book?

Because we don’t have the actual book right now, it’s not really possible to do a standard book review. However, what we can do is a “book preview”, meaning given Antonopoulos’ work and contributions to the crypto space so far, we can make an educated guess about whether this new, Mastering Ethereum, will actually be any good, or not.

Globe Trotter

For one, Andreas is a globe trotter as he has now visited over 50 countries. During his visits, he delivers extensive lectures on how blockchain technology works. He often gives an objective and fair analysis of whatever it is he is talking about. In the crypto community, which does not have much of a following compared to other things, Andreas has hundreds of thousands of followers. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that his book Mastering Ethereum is worth your time and moneychances are it probably is – when compared to what your alternatives are at this time.

Academic Credentials

Common sense says that if he’s out there lecturing about blockchain while also having the academic credentials in this space to do so, which many don’t, then that means he knows a thing or two. You can check out his LinkedIn profile because I’m not going to read off his credentials and work experience to you. To verify that info, you can easily do so. Hopefully, if you’re reading about whether to buy Mastering Ethereum, you know how do that.

Reasons Not To Buy

Whatever you’re trying to learn, chances are the information is already out there on the internet. Therefore, paying for it does not make much sense. You can argue that the convenience of having a book might be worth it, but we all know there are alternatives to that. Let’s forget about this one though because then there might never be a book worth buying, except for Harry Potter series.

Overall, It’s A Buy If You’re Really Into The Crypto Space

Other books Andreas has written include Internet of Money & Mastering Bitcoin and these have been fairly well received by rational people. So, it would be fair to assume that it’s probably a good idea to buy Mastering Ethereum as making any other kind of investment in Crypto such as Shitcoins is not worth it as we’ve seen.

Here’s the link to the book.

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