Crypto Cruise Attracts Diversity From McAfee, Politicians, Healthcare

Crypto Cruise Attracted Familiar Faces

1-16-2018-Crypto cruise! The ship has sailed for crypto, literally. A luxurious cruise ship has sailed from the Sea in Singapore headed for the coast of Thailand.  The theme of the cruise is blockchain innovation and cryptocurrency.  This lavish 4-day event has attracted the crypto community’s most popular names along with noteworthy project leaders and a few notorious personalities.

Amongst the guest list, there is the beloved king of crypto-rants and ICO-raves, the leader of the crypto misfits, – John McAfee. McAfee is named as a headline speaker on emerging cryptocurrencies and how they will change business as we know it.  He is expected to explore the impact new cryptos will have on established currencies like Bitcoin. He most certainly will be sipping some cocktails, surrounded by his signature puffs of smoke, as he lounges in the Singapore sun.

Crypto Cruise Brings New Faces Too

In contrast to the experienced and outspoken John McAfee, there are many brand new powerhouse additions to the crowd. One brilliant individual that stands out, as the crowd often agrees, is Katherine Kuzmeskas, MPH but she is likely to have you call her Kat.  Kat is the CEO of Simply Vital Health– which uses Health Nexus- their own blockchain protocol, to disrupt and improve how healthcare data is shared between relevant parties. Simply Vital Health is aiming to launch a token sale in February so the timing of this cruise proves to be serendipitous indeed.

When asked about the benefits of going on a fun-filled “business” cruise, Katherines reply caused a chuckle.

“Everyone will benefit from adoption of blockchain technology, and what better way to keep the attention of the most capable venture-capitalists and influencers in the crypto space? They can’t run far if they are stuck on a boat! I am here to learn and to share my plans. Simply Vital Health has gained new supporters on the cruise that may not have seen the project otherwise.” Katherine Kuzmeskas, MPH

Also in the crypto cruise-ships remarkable assortment of guests, Kaspar Korjus, the e-Residency Managing Director of Estonia. Kaspar is at the center of some of the most ICO and crypto friendly innovations in mega modern Estonia.  Estonia is a technology marvel embodied in a country. E-residency is the equivalent of physical residency, only it is a virtual presence for the purpose of conducting business in a legal way from anywhere in the world.  Kaspar Korjus is the brains behind the e-residency operations and this makes doing legit business better for thousands of people, from all over the world.

The crypto cruise sold out completely, so many were sadly turned away when they intended to purchase a ticket. In the spirit of living vicariously through the lucky travelers aboard that ship, take a look at the line up as promised to the cruise attendees.

As shown on the Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise Homepage

  DAY 1 Blockchain Cruise Asia begins. Departing from Singapore

Blockchain Cruise Conference.
Welcome Speech/Opening, Susan Poole
Entrepreneurship, Ann Charleus
Blockchain, Internet 3.0, and Staying Secure in the Cryptocurrency Age, Travis Wright
E-Governance, Taavi Rõivas – Member of Parliament/Prime Minister (2014-2016)
E-Residency, Kaspar Korjus
Economics and Governance, Dr. Jose Gomez
Government Panel Discussion – Taavi Roivas, Kaspar Korjus, Pratin Vallabhaneni, Tim Bird, Antonio Morales, Jose Gomez, Artem Subotin, Sergey Drobyshevsky
Disembark on Penang, Malaysia
 Cruise will make a stop at Phuket Island
Gathering for Paradise Beach disembarkation on Deck 5
Emerging cryptocurrencies and their impact on businesses and on established currencies like Bitcoin – John McAfee
Bitcoin. Altcoins . Diversification. Securing Your Accounts. Income Inequality – Ronnie Moas
Cataclysmic Disruptors – Andrew ‘Flip’ Filipowski
Blockchain – A Force for Business and Social Good – Sally Eaves
Transfer back to the Mariner of Seas
Day 4  Thailand back to Singapore
Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, Savoy Theatre, deck 3
Welcome Speech/Opening – Susan Poole
Bitcoin vs FinTec what will be in 5 Years – Jörg Molt
Modes of Entry to US markets – Pratin Vallabhaneni
Regulation: Global Position – Tim Bird
Regulation: US token sales – Katrina Arden
Cryptocurrency in Africa – Tameez Abramjee
Current and Future Cryptoasset Investing Opportunities – Jack Tatar
The crisis of the global information/alternative Blockchain  Andriy Todosiychuk
Bitcoin Speculation – History of Price bubbles & its economic outlook – Tone Vays
Bitcoin. Diversification. Securing Your Accounts. Income Inequality – Ronnie Moas
Keys for eCommerce to Meet Bitcoin Commerce – Jimmy Nguyen
Is Blockchain changing the world we live in? – Ronny Tome
Blockchain of the future: What is it, and how do we get there? – Ronny Boesing
Impact of Blockchain in People Management & Work – Muhammad Salman Anjum
Closing Ceremony/Awards
Tokensales & Investments Section, Conference center, deck 2
Panel discussion. Investing in Blockchain Projects / Seeking Value in Blockchain Projects – Jack Tatar, Jake Brukhman, Andrew Filipowsky, Ted Moskovitz
Blockain & Trusted Quality – Vlad Trifa
Evaluating Cryptoassets and ICOs – Jack Tatar
How Blockchain is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity – Alex Momot
Life after ICO – Masha Bertroot
Panel discussion. Tokensale through the eyes of the projects – Vlad Trifa, Anti Danilevski, Oxana Kunets, Alex Bessonov
Token Economics – Jake Burkhman
IQeon – decentralized gaming PvP platform; Paul Moukhin, Alexander Pavlov
Panel discussion. Media take on tokensales – Richard Kastelin, Hitesh Malviya, Jayanand Sagar, Anupam Varshney, Travis Wright
Cryptocurrency for new telepresence markets; How to use peer-to-peer and blockchain technologies to offer ubiquity to the world – Fulvio Dominci Carnino
Introducing keynote speaker – Travis Wright
Closing Keynote – Ronnie Moas
Closing: auction, voting, time capsule – Lena/Oxana
Arrive in Singapore port.

Safe travels and well wishes.






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