Domain Owner Says It’s Not For Sale

Matt Blaze’s Domain Not For Sale

The high in demand domain is currently owned by Matt Blaze, a researcher focused on secure systems, trust management, and cryptography. Due to the dramatic growth of the cryptocurrency market, which currently stands at around $320 billion, there is now a strong demand for cryptocurrencies and everything related to them. This, despite the significant drop in the market’s value at this time.

Notably, the domain name was sold for $500,000 in February this year. Also, who can forget selling for a massive $2 million at the end of 2017? was sold for $3.45 million and currently demands a price tag of $10 million. So, a short and sweet domain with that seems related to cryptocurrency and blockchain can be worth millions of dollars.

Matt Blaze has been holding on to the domain name since 1993, and here is how he reacted when someone tried to give him an offer on Twitter:

“No, my domain name isn’t for sale. Yes, I mean it. Yes, I’ve probably already muted you.”

So Who is Matt Blaze?

Matt Blaze works as an Associate Professor at University of Pennsylvania. He is also known to be one of the most well-established researchers who introduced the phrase “trust management”. The trust management concept is an important framework used for modelling reliability and authenticity of parties for information security.

Furthermore, he has done extensive research in the field of cyber security. His cyber security research focuses on voting machines and he also testified for it in front of Congress. However, when journalists tried to approach him, he did not respond to the comments. Interestingly, he told a reporter that people like him could register a domain name when they were young.

What is so special about

The word crypto has become a term. In fact, it pretty much sums up everything that is happening in this cryptocurrency space right now. Similarly, the industry leaders also resonate well with the word “crypto.” Thus, the domain could be worth anywhere from $5 to $10 million. Imagine a word that is frequently used in a market where billions of dollars are exchanged each day.

There is, as expected, a lot of discussion about the domain. Some people are saying that it is high time Matt Blaze should cash on his domain. That’s because they believe the tightening regulations and technology companies like Google and Facebook not supporting cryptocurrencies may impact the long term prospects of this niche.

Interestingly, Matt Blaze does not believe that calling cryptocurrencies crypto is the most appropriate word choice. Instead, he thinks it could have potentially bad consequences for cryptocurrencies and cryptography. He even disagrees with linguists, who think that newly coined crypto-related terms will contribute to the evolution of language.