Linda Xie

Linda Xie: A Bright Young Mind In The Cryptosphere

A Good Place To Start Learning About Crypto

One good thing about the cryptocurrency space at the moment is that there are no gatekeepers. Anyone can come onboard with their own skills, learn quickly and start participating too. It is, however, important to follow the right personalities and learn from the right sources. A good source of information for newcomers to the cryptocurrency space is Linda Xie’s Medium blog. When she isn’t busy playing her role as Managing Director at Scalar Capital, she produces easy to understand content on some cryptocurrency projects and issues. We will touch on these and other involvements of Linda Xie in the cryptocurrency space.

From AIG To Coinbase

Linda Xie started studying at the University of California in 2009. She finished in 2012 with a B.A. cum laude in Economics. While at the University of California, Xie interned at the insurance firm AIG. She started as a risk management intern, but was higher up the ladder by July 2012. She worked as portfolio risk manager at AIG until June 2014, when she took up the position of product manager at Coinbase.

Working for a big player in the cryptocurrency world meant Xie was deeply involved in the crypto space at this point. Her role at Coinbase revolved around internal tool and data analytics. She also worked with regulatory bodies with regards to observing and conforming to laws dealing with digital assets.

Xie’s experience in regulations affecting crypto assets is quite valuable. As regulators are closing in on cryptocurrency related businesses with tighter regulations, it is important for businesses to ensure they do not overstep or be found guilty of violating any rules. The experience gained at AIG is also useful in this space as the line between traditional financial institutions and the crypto institutions gets blurrier with time.

Right Fit For Any Crypto Business

With all these skills and experience, Linda Xie started Scalar Capital in September 2017. Scalar Capital is an investment management firm focused on crypto assets. This crypto fund makes it possible for clients to take part in investing in the best crypto projects without going through the hassles of directly investing. You must have heard it being said multiple times that Wall Street money was pouring into crypto. Linda’s Scalar Capital is one means through which this happens.

Ox also benefits from Linda Xie’s skills, knowledge, and experience in both the traditional financial world and the crypto world. Linda serves as an advisor to the IT company. Ox is the protocol that enables the trading of ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

It is true that there are fewer women in the cryptocurrency space. Linda isn’t complaining about that, but is doing her bit to get more women involved. She has been having one on one sessions with women who have questions about how to participate in the cryptocurrency world. There are answers to some of the frequently asked questions on her medium blog as well.

The cryptocurrency world definitely needs more personalities like Xie coming onboard with her level of knowledge and experience.