Crypto Twitter News | ZenCash Super Nodes, Coinbase Index, Monero Guy

Meltem Demirors, Crypto Twitter Goddess and “teaching @MIT & @UniofOxford” tweeted recently:


Of course, the Crypto Twitter beauty was being sarcastic…well, hopefully. Nevertheless, she does bring up some interesting points. One being those “deeply irritating” personalities we come across quite frequently on social media.

Riccardo Spagni, member of the Monero Core team, can be a bit irritating at times, as he almost always tries to draw attention to himself. Here’s what he tweeted almost 24 hours ago:


While it’s probably not very nice to call someone fat and a piece of shit, it’s usually best to ignore and block such people. You can easily do that on Crypto Twitter, by the way. And also, no need to draw more attention to their bullying as Riccardo is doing here. To further prove my point that the Monero guy is seeking attention at all costs, here’s another silly Crypto Twitter tweet from him:


So, here Riccardo is ecstatic simply because someone spelled his last name correctly and he has to retweet the person who did that. Talk about being self-absorbed. You know people, life exists outside your own little world as well, and it’s usually a much more accurate reflection of the objective reality most of us sane folks live in.

Now, let’s cover some more interesting and meaningful topics for the day from Crypto Twitter. 


ZenCash, a semi-promising crypto platform that has managed to receive praise from the Digital Currency Group,  has come out with Super Nodes – as promised three months ago. Might want to check that out.

In more Crypto Twitter news, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has launched its crypto index via an iOS widget. The San Francisco based exchange continues to move forward with its new products, despite numerous reports of bad customer service and 124 pages of customer complaints filed to US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – with some alleging that the crypto trading platform had been “stealing” user funds and even “acting criminally.”


In even more Crypto Twitter news, although somewhat late in tweeting about it –  Altcoin market researcher Kristen Vanderlinde notes the new  Bitcoin ETF application sent to the SEC. Experts are of the view that this time, the federal regulator will likely approve this application, considering it recently ruled that Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and most other cryptocurrencies are not securities due to their decentralized nature.


Well, that’s a rap for the short but sweet Crypto Twitter Roundup, exclusively here at Crypto Core Media. Hope you enjoyed and please do leave comments regarding what you’d like us to cover next!