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Huntington, NYC (Crypto Press Release) Aug 4, 2017 – CryptoCompare, a website best described as the “cryptocurrency swissknife” has recently announced the launch of its Initial Coin Offering section. A new way to lift projects off the ground, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) are a new phenomenon in the crowdfunding world that is moving millions and millions of dollars every week. These alternative fundraising campaigns have helped several open blockchain projects, like Ethereum and the Waves Platform, grow from ideas into reality.

The general lack of regulations and government oversight creates a low barrier of entry both for project founders and for investors. This factor has helped ICO campaigns grow from a few Bitcoins to hundreds of millions of dollars. However, this same lack of a regulatory framework has led to a growing number of scams and low-quality projects to pop up. Due to the nascent nature of these campaigns and the lack of information and tools provided in the space, many investors are wrongly led to invest in fraudulent “projects”. That’s where CryptoCompare comes in.

CryptoCompare, a website best described as a “cryptocurrency swissknife” has recently announced the launch of its Initial Coin Offering section which will allow users to get a comprehensive outlook on ongoing, upcoming and past ICOs. This sections provides all the important information in one place, instead of having investors spend hours on scattered websites and sources to find.

ICO List: A comprehensive list of ongoing, upcoming and past ICOs can be seen here:

ICO information: ICOs are part of the current “Coin” section, allowing users to easily check on past ICO info for their favorite coins.

For upcoming or ongoing ICOs, users are able to quickly see the time left until the beginning or end of the campaign. A notification system will also be implemented, allowing users to receive an email warning once an ICO is going to start or end. Scrolling down, users will find detailed information on the ICO, including useful links, starting price, funding targets, token percentage for investors, and much more. An example of an ICO page can be seen here:

Social Investment: The CryptoCompare public Portfolio feature allows experienced users to make their ICO portfolios available for other users to evaluate and study. An example of a public portfolio can be seen here:

About CryptoCompare:

Founded in 2014, CryptoCompare provides useful and accurate informations on all fields and industries within the cryptosphere, including coins, exchanges, wallets, mining equipment, pools, casinos and more. From pricing and trading data, APIs, trading tools and portfolios to guides, reviews, daily updates and active forums, CryptoCompare covers it all in one place.

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