CRYPTOCUP | Win Tokens Predicting the 2018 World Cup

CryptoCup – Fans can win tokens predicting the 2018 Soccer World Cup

In a few days, the attention of soccer fans around the world will focus mainly on one thing, “the 2018 World Cup in Russia.” This time the highly anticipated event will take place between June 14 and July 15, 2018, marking the first time that an Eastern European country organizes the championship. This year, those with a “special” ability to choose the winning teams could also earn their rewards in cryptocurrencies, and take advantage of the current trend of digital currencies to take home cash. This initiative is being called Cryptocup and it’s the first prediction game based on the 2018 FIFA World Cup that runs through smart contracts on the blockchain. Players can create their own tokens when they make their predictions on the game website using Metamask.

The players will make their predictions about the results of each of the 64 matches that will be played during this edition of the World Cup. Predictions will be issued in an ERC-721 token, the so-called Token CryptoCup. It’s basically the same non-fungible token technology used with the Cryptokitties, collectible kittens that broke popularity records on the Ethereum network, to the point where they almost made it collapse.

Each token will automatically earn points according to the degree of coincidence between the actual results and the established predictions, a task that will execute the intelligent contract that governs the game. Depending on the position of the player at the end of the FIFA tournament in the CryptoCup ranking (compared to the tokens of the other players), the same intelligent contract allocates the established amount of ETH accumulated to whom it should go to.

The goal is to be in the top 10 percent when the tournament finishes, since those players will split the jackpot, which will have a value determined by the number of players that have entered the contest, and the current value of Ethereum.

Another innovative feature of CryptoCup is that during the World Cup, players can exchange (buy or sell) their prediction tokens with other users in a secondary market. Some players will be able to set the price of their CryptoCup token and sell it before the end of the tournament, while others may be interested in speculating on future rewards.

This gives players the opportunity to sell their token and collect early, if they find someone interested in buying it. Similarly, prospective buyers can search for a potentially valuable token, and buy it by making an offer to its owner.

For more details and to participate in this great event, you can visit the Cryptocup website (

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