ICO Launched | Cryptocurrency Hub Oxycoin is Offering 25-50% Bonus For Early Supporters

Cryptocurrency hub, Oxycoin.io, launched their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in early August and the ICO has already raised 216 Bitcoin, which is, at the time of writing, the equivalent of $815,000.00.  Monitor the status of ICO funding in real-time here: Oxycoin ICO tracker

The first round of incentives has come and gone quickly, however, the second bonus for early supporters is available now until the last day of August.  Early bird supporters will get up to 50% bonus on their investment.

Here is the basic structure for the incentives offered.


Early supporters OXY Incentive  Valid From 8/21/2017 thru 08/31/2017

• support with 4 BTC or more: receive 25% bonus 

• support with 10 BTC or more: receive 30% bonus 

• support with 20 BTC or more: receive 35% bonus 

• support with50 BTC or more: receive 50% bonus

Oxycoin.io is a multi-purpose cryptocurrency project that aims to simplify the process of buying, selling, trading and investing in crypto using traditional fiat.

The Oxycoin Whitepaper reveals plans for the site to be an all-inclusive investment and exchange portal.

They plan to include live feeds with up-to-the-moment market data and statistics, user-friendly tools to do common crypto conversions and calculations, global contact storage for streamlining payments, and simple methods of exchanging cryptocurrencies using traditional fiat.  The goal is to develop mobile apps and pc versions as well as web-based account usage options.

Then, there will be a separate document they have labeled The Technical Paper. This document promises elaboration on the intricate details regarding the usage of delegated proof of stake (dPOS) and it will clarify how the Oxycoin blockchain will be used.  To explain further, the landing page for Oxycoin.io reads:

“In short, we are removing the limitations which have prevented non-blockchain developers from bringing in fresh mobile and web ideas into the crypto world while also giving them competitive solutions for micropayments, in-app purchases, subscription models, marketplaces, and e-commerce websites. As a result of its simplicity, we believe the OXYCOIN® platform will pave the way for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.” 

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Website: https://oxycoin.io 

Bonus: https://oxycoin.io/earlyinvestors.php 

ICO Platform: https://ico.oxycoin.io 

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Meet our team: https://oxycoin.io/team.php 

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