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Cryptocurrency Jobs Creating New Careers

Cryptocurrency Jobs in High Demand

With the exploding crypto-market and Wall Street strategist Tom Lee predicting bitcoin will hit $20,000 in mid-2018, there has also been a much higher demand for cryptocurrency jobs. The number of crypto-related jobs have gone up by 306% on LinkedIn over the past year or so. This rise has a strong positive correlation with the rising prices of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In another report published by AngelList, an American website for job-hunters and startups, there has been a 100% increase in cryptocurrency jobs.

AngelList’s report is already three months old, and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that the number of cryptocurrency jobs available right now might be even higher. According to LinkedIn, their data indicates that there were nearly 5,000 job listings that mentioned bitcoin in 2017. This is a jump of literally thousands of percents. One key thing to note here is that this number doesn’t even take into account the number of cryptocurrency jobs that could be out there related to blockchain technology and other cryptocurrencies.

Crypto-Jobs Dominated by Technology Sector

It has been determined that the bulk of these jobs can be found in the financial and technology sectors.  While the demand for jobs in the finance industry has risen at a faster rate than in the tech sector, 70% (the majority) of jobs needed to be filled are still tech jobs. This should be good and welcoming news for skilled programmers and other technology specialists.

Coinbase has stated that it had to hire twice as many people as it already had in 2017 alone. The average salary for cryptocurrency jobs is estimated at a respectable $122,000 per annum. The Financial Times has noted that the numbers of ads for cryptocurrency jobs or crypto-related information has gone up significantly. Princeton and Coursera are offering crash courses on cryptocurrency. Prestigious institutions like MIT and Stanford are also offering courses on crypto. Students from Harvard and Wharton have even made specific requests for more courses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Growing Awareness of Crypto As Job Skill

These courses are designed to prepare students for various cryptocurrency jobs that are both technical and non-technical. Jobs dealing with the regulations of cryptocurrencies have also popped up. Since the legal and regulatory framework around cryptocurrencies is sketchy right now, law firms like Latham & Watkins have realized the need to give more attention to the cryptosphere.

There is also a growing rate of awareness among working professionals about cryptocurrency. The number of people listing cryptocurrency as a skill on LinkedIn has gone up nearly 30 times over a four-year period. Just like many people had to work hard at becoming computer-literate, it’s now time for people to become crypto-literate as well. A rise in the number of cryptocurrency jobs, any kind of jobs for that matter, is usually a good sign for the economy.