Cryptocurrency optimisim

Cryptocurrency optimism is thinking rich to increase value

 Cryptocurrency optimism is the soon coming buzz word combo you will see more of.  In Cryptocurrency, there are a lot of unsavory bits of news that travel quickly across the wires. In the name of good journalism, I would like to believe that the buzz of the day is always true but that would be naive.

While it would be outrageous to say that the news we see daily is bogus, there tends to be a hard nudge from cloaked entities in the direction that best suits the bottom line for these discrete few. It doesn’t mean that I think we are all doomed and it doesn’t mean that the Illuminati is at the round table, it simply means that the Headlines we are fed are more than likely being fed to the benefit of someone-and it might not be you or me.

It probably doesn’t matter much who is controlling the central banks, but a more relevant question is why don’t more people NOTICE the control the banks have over the majority of the world? 

Rebellious to the centralized concept, by its peer-to-peer design, the underlying technologies that enable Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are resistant to the type of manipulation most prevalent in centralized banking. Cryptocurrency presents a unique opportunity to shift the power back into the majority simply because the hand that controls fiat cannot contain the world of crypto with the same ease as centrally banked societies. This is, in part, thanks to the publicly distributed ledger that makes the network operate- you know, the Blockchain. 

The Blockchain

blockchain-treeThe blockchain is something you always hear people talking about and the technology has created an incredible change in the way people transact- in fact it is far improved from the old model.  For example, in the traditional banking methods of accounting, there is a middleman who is paid to facilitate the flow of things. Patrons of the bank are expected to trust this person with their private information, and the storage of their funds.

The middleman in this scenario is usually able to reconcile the numbers to fit squarely into the bank’s handy ledger template.  That is a problem.  When a banker can go back in time and undo a detail this way, it means the details cannot be trusted nor can they be meaningful enough to be safe.  Blockchain differs from this because all the information on a blockchain is permanent and immutable- which means nobody erases pieces of the history- it is impossible once a transaction is confirmed it is permanently sealed into the blockchain- and becomes an undeniable part of the history.

If a part of the bitcoin network went on strike, the blockchain would continue on without them. All transactions are peer-to-peer, and no bank controls the flow. The transparency of the chain of events is secure, encrypted and yet all eyes can see what is happening so there is never the need to trust a banker to do the right thing when nobody is looking.

Cryptocurrency Optimism Is Needed.

An aspect to consider when examining the popular train of thought in any society, anywhere in the world is the influential sources of input. What drives the actions of the people?  Why do we do the things we do? Simply put, people tend to adapt to their environment in a way most comfortable for them if possible. People stop asking questions about the system when properly distracted.

Media outlets have the task of entertaining, informing and hate to say it, supporting a position that society will likely react well to. On topics as important as blockchain tech it is startling how much we value the opinion of Jamie Dimon, John McAfee, Warren Buffet and Paris Hilton. We let the voices that are in the media speak for us- it is clear when you look at the direct correlation between the price of cryptocurrencies and the rumor mill from the day before.

You can see that every time a large bitcoin-bashing story surfaces, the price plummets. When someone famous raves about the amazing profits from a portfolio made of crypto- the slope goes zooming upward.

If we are in fact in that close of a controlled market where our moods and loud opinions sway the price noticeably then wouldn’t it be a great idea to all agree that we are destined for the great riches and beyond?  If we all agree on the marketable value of a coin it is then deemed worth that much.

Could it really be so simple, in a vastly complex financial puzzle?  Is it possible that all we need to do to ensure the success of our crypto journey is to remain optimistic?

Any time a community member is beginning to lose heart and they are starting to feel doubtful in their coin stash – it reduces its value – in the mind of the coin holder.  Then it gets passed along the various chains in the form of panic sales and hard “hodling”.

Instead of this reaction, I challenge the community to keep up with the news, of course, but also pay attention to the intricate and delicate pieces of the puzzle. The notion that you personally affect the price of bitcoin is empowering and it is TRUE. For every scam you see in bold letters across the various news feeds of your day, note that there are equally encouraging stories too.

Remember- the hand that controls the central banks has a lot at stake if we think this way- which is a good reason to question the motives behind spreading news that portrays reasons to fear and reject cryptocurrencies.  The emphasis on the dark side of crypto is dominant in mainstream media to protect the interest of the entities who have the most to lose during the mass adoption of crypto.

When the familiar and ominous tone comes surging into the blockchain, please stop to see reality. We are on the starting line of an incredible adventure.  Let us explore without polluting our view with FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt).


Optimism is the easier route anyway.