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Should Cryptocurrency be made Part of School Curriculum?

Ever since the invention of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, they all have been trailed by one controversy after another. Although the many controversies that are associated with digital currencies are more pronounced in the world of business and technology, the education sector is not left out of the many Bitcoin associated debates. As a result of the craze for digital currencies, the question that is being asked by cryptocurrency enthusiasts is should cryptocurrency be made a part of school curriculum? Although this question might seem a little out of place to individuals that do not believe in Bitcoin, to every cryptocurrency enthusiast, this is a question that is worth answering and also very quickly.

Universities are Already Beginning to Teach Courses on Digital Currencies

It might appear a little too early. However, some universities have already started teaching courses on digital currency. Popular among them are the University of California, Stanford University, New York University, etc.  Universities are definitely the most popular institutions teaching courses in cryptocurrency at the moment. However, they are not the only institutions of learning that have started teaching courses in digital currency. Digital currency is now being taught at high school level. Although teaching courses in digital currency at university level appears to be quite acceptable, it appears that not many people are willing to accept this happening at high school level. While the teaching of digital currency courses at high school level is still being debated, Timothy Breza, a New Jersey teacher has given reasons why digital currency courses should be taught at secondary school level. According to him, students are beginning to talk about cryptocurrency. As a result of this, the school system has no choice than to teach it.

Is Including Cryptocurrency in School Curriculum Ideal?

According to Nate Flanders, the CEO and Co-Founder of Mandala Exchange, it might not be absolutely ideal for cryptocurrency to be taught in high schools. However, the teaching of computer programming languages which are essential languages that are made use of in the building of the blockchain platform, should be taught at high school. Nate is of the opinion that cryptocurrencies are yet to find stability; as a result of this, they should not be taught in-depth at high school level.

At the moment, it remains inconclusive if cryptocurrency will be made a part of school curriculum in the United States and in other parts of the world. However, to ensure that young people can get the financial lessons that they stand to gain from cryptocurrency classes, a new math curriculum has been introduced.

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