Current | An Incentivized Media Share Platform Launches Token Sale

LAS VEGAS – 01-24-2018 / Current, an incentivized streaming platform launches its token sale on February 7th 2018.  The Current project is enabled by blockchain technology, and it allows users to choose media and media sharing tools to play, stream and be paid as they devote their time to it daily.

The Current Whitepaper explains the project as a way for people to get a portion of the proceeds for their activities in media and content distribution in social and business settings. People dedicate many hours to media streaming and The Current project token makes distribution of profits more fair to artists, creators and curators of the things that already entertain the masses.

Dan Novaes, the founder and CEO consults and advises mainstream news periodically and is considered an expert and leader in the crypto-sphere on many projects. When asked what the Current project means for the world, Novaes commented-

“At Current we are setting the precedent of what media consumption will look like in the next 2-5 years and beyond. The value exchange is broken today. It’s our belief All media ecosystems will adopt this incentive based model and that will become the next Netflix’s of the world. The average human lives 30000 days in a lifetime. The average 19 year old spends 5 hours a day on their phone, projected out that’s 16.23 years of your life consuming content and that number only going up. You don’t own your own data, attention, and time – companies do. We believe everything you do you must do with purpose or get compensated for it. That is why we are building current platform and current protocol.” Dan Novaes, CEO and Founder Of Current

The Current app is downloadable now in iPhone App Store and Android users will find the app in the Google Play Store. The Current app allows users to start streaming, sharing and earning the Current Token, called CRNC – pronounced exactly like the word, currency.

The opportunity to participate in the token sale will begin February 7, 2018 however it is recommended that any interested participants  register now for the Current ICO, to get whitelisted and to ensure access to any advertised bonus tokens with purchase.