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Daniel Roberts and his Contributions to Online Content Creation

Daniel Roberts is a senior writer at Yahoo finance. He is also a well-known critic and uses his journalism experience to add value to the world of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and sports. His main niche is online where he deals with online materials such as blog posts, audio, videos, etc. Daniel has used his skills to create online content for the worldwide use of Bitcoin, and sports investors.

Daniel Roberts attended college at Middlebury. He later proceeded to a graduate school at Columbia.

Robert’s Contribution To Digital Content Creation

Daniel. B Robert is a staff writer at Yahoo Finance. He creates and covers content on Bitcoin, sports, business, media, and a variety of other things. This content he shares online meaningfully contributes to online content growth.

Roberts also is a host of a podcast, and a video series known as Sportsbook. By this, he creates online audio content for the internet.

Before fully working at Yahoo, Daniel Roberts, worked for Fortune, where he spent five years. At Fortune, he wrote magazine profiles on major companies such as, Adidas, DraftKings, MasterCard, Yelp, and Anheuser-Busch InBev. These profiles were also added online, which created quality and meaningful content for the web.

Over the years Roberts has carried out intense interviews for celebrities such as David Chang, George Foreman,, Leigh Steinberg, Cal Ripken, Dwayne Johnson, and Louis Freeh.

These interviews he documented and shared digitally in form of content types such as audio, videos, and blog posts.

Daniel Roberts was one of the people who co-managed the 40 Under 40 Fortune franchises, where he had to digitally research and create content for each of the profiled candidates.

In 2013, Daniel Roberts wrote a book called Zoom. The book sold out and was really helpful and aided to groom young entrepreneurs. In a few months, he made the book available online in form of an eBook.  This made the book accessible worldwide, and created more vital content for the web.
Daniel Roberts is also a TV host. He works with powerful networks such as CBSN, Golf Channel, CBS New York and BBC World news.

This video content is also distributed online, thereby creating more online content. Other blogs and companies which Roberts has created content for, thereby sharing vital information includes:  Time, The Guardian, Vice, LitHub, The Paris Review, Salon, The Wall Street Journal,, and a number of other leading online news media publications.

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