DAOwn the Rabbit Hole. Development strategies for the crypto community by Icocountdown.com

DAOwn the Rabbit Hole. Development strategies for the crypto community by Icocountdown.com

Smart contracts are dangerous because of expressibility. Infinite expressibility means an infinite point of vulnerability. If something is infinitely expressed it means – that it is basically impossible to properly bug check and audit programming. An infinite expression in term of design means a much wider range of attacks and exploits can happen within a protocol / cryptocurrency / programming language.

Defining something – rather then expressing something is better for security. If we can define what a program is specifically supposed to do – this means we can audit it and bug check it, programming needs to have defined limits for security and development.

Well how far does code debugging and code auditing go? What is expected from the community and what is expected for staff involved with the organisational benefit of projects? Bug checks should be working from a peer to peer decentralised level, this means not only developer involvement but bug checking from users and individuals across all platforms. Initiators of projects should accept professional security auditing for a provable concept.

Professional security auditing should occur on all platforms. Security of systems should be audited from professional cryptographers and white hats, this should not be done from just one point – this should be done from several points meaning many different organisations involvement. If you centralise security checking on a peer to peer system this does not work, there must be multi levels of security auditing so gain wider scope.

The use of tried and trusted programming languages is extremely important. These programming languages must be in the computational science for a number of years for audit purposes. We can only use tried and trusted languages that allow for expressing formal specifications of programs – these need to be consistent and decidable.

Why is Tau-Chain the hedge to Ethereum?

Tau-Chain creates a shared database for programming language that is able to be coherent and consistent. Tau-Chain can also meaningfully query, to reuse information code/data efficiently to allow all kind of social operations and communications that can be done. It allows every user to set their own specific rules and design specific data sets.

Non turing completeness is initiated within this project. Rules are created and expressed. Tau-Chain uses already existing protocols, availability of languages and inherent compiler trust. This means code can be securely deployed over a network. With no inherent turing vulnerability. Thus creating inherent trust in the network and programming.

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