Darcrus | Crowdfunding the Future of Data Management Ends on December 11

The Darcrus crowdfunding campaign is coming to an end after gathering more than 494 Bitcoin. However, the campaign will still run until the 11th of December with a 5% bonus that lasts until the 10th (The last day of the ICO has no bonus). Despite being halfway there, it’s a well-known fact that most of the funds gathered in an ICO are sent during the first and last days of the campaign, meaning that Darcrus may still reach its objective of 1000 Bitcoin.

“We are anticipating some additional participation in the final days and hours of the ICO. Can’t wait to launch Darcrus and get our first customers on board with a working product!” Steven Grove

Several companies have expressed interest in using the dAppsheet solutions, among this companies is C3 Technologies, which has recently explained why dAppsheet is important and what problems it can solve – Read more.

Way ahead of schedule, Darcrus has recently released the first prototype version of the dAppsheet software, which can be found here. Through this first demo release, companies can get a good feel of what’s to come, as well as ICO investors. All this has been achieved prior to the completion of the crowdfunding campaign.

dAppsheet is a simple and intuitive platform that is sure to make the transitioning process into a blockchain-based infrastructure as simple as possible. As Steven Grove, founder of Sigwo Technologies and of the Darcrus project, puts it: “The beauty of Darcrus and dAppsheets is that the businesses don’t have to research and learn an entire eco system to get a great product.”

There are currently four businesses and one startup accelerator looking to receive in-depth information and demonstrations from Darcrus and the ICO isn’t even over! This demonstrates an overwhelming need that companies have for disruptive data management and recovery solution that ensures no information is ever lost.

If you’re still wondering why this may be important, take into account that data loss costs companies billions of dollars per year, not to mention that data loss can put a set a company back days, week, or months.

Darcrus will not only focus on dAppsheet as there are two more projects currently outlined in the roadmap, Mercury and Jupiter. You can also learn more about Darcrus by engaging the community on Slack.