Darcrus | New Clients, Projects, Team Members, and Swap

Darcrus is a project by Sigwo Technologies LLC. The company provides software and consultancy solutions for businesses on the cryptosphere and for legacy companies that want to integrate blockchain technology. Running on a buy-back & burn system, the Darcrus token (DAR) gives its holders a “share” of the profits made from selling the aforementioned services.

In its August blog post, the team revealed the details for the DAR token swap procedure which will take place on Bittrex and allow token holders to swap their NXT tokens for new Waves-based tokens. The swap announcement also revealed several new updates within the company itself.

Following the first and latest burn, which saw the overall supply of DAR decrease by 4893, the team is now looking at various revenue sources that will give continuity to the process. Due to the recent growth of the ICO phenomenon, token sales-related services are highly sought after. In its blog post, the Darcrus team revealed two new clients that will be leverage the services and tools of Sigwo Technologies LLC to help roll out their ICO campaigns.

Sigwo Technologies LLC will be the IT provider for the ICO platform of an upcoming fitness business in St. Louis, while also providing infrastructure administration, wallet development, and other services.

All of the aforementioned activities will generate new revenue for the project, allowing the team to buy back and burn more tokens. According to the team, the income generated will also be used to create additional income sources.  The latest blog post reads:

“The team is considering purchasing Bitcoin ATMs and using the transaction profits to buy/burn Darcrus. Also under review is a small trading fund to increase profits and contribute to buy/burn totals.”

While these projects may take some time to bear fruits for token holders and the company itself, the path ahead looks bright for Sigwo Technologies, a company that is bringing blockchain technology to mainstream legacy business and advancing adoption for the overall crypto space. To learn more visit Sigwo Technologies and Darcrus.