Darcrus Update | Mercury, Jupiter and Sales

Darcrus is a blockchain-based project by Sigwo Technologies LLC. It focuses on providing software and consultancy solutions for businesses that wish to integrate blockchain technology into their infrastructures. Darcrus (DAR) tokens run on a buy-back program that is fueled by the revenue generated from selling software licenses and consultancy services.

The main project is dAppsheet, a decentralized application that automatically replicates and decentralizes the underlying infrastructure for companies to tailor almost any traditional SQL database application to their specific needs. In order to achieve this, however, Darcrus needs to set up different pieces of technology that will allow dAppsheet to function. This is the case with Jupiter and Mercury.

In late 2016, Darcrus held an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign in which it gathered the required funds to launch the development of its software solution. Having had a successful run since then, both on the price charts and in terms of community support, Darcurs has been staying on schedule and sticking to its previously outlined roadmap.

(Monthly updates are issued on the Darcrus blog, for all those that would like to stay up to date.)

Most recently, Waves token holders may have been surprised to find one new asset under their possession called Mercrury (MER). This Waves asset was issued and airdropped to anyone with at least 1 Waves token. The airdrop was not announced to ensure a fair campaign with no manipulation possible, but what are these exactly?

These tokens will facilitate the communication between two different blockchains, Jupiter and Waves. As a Waves token, Mercury is used to pay the fees for transactions on the Waves blockchain, allowing Jupiter blockhashes to be time-stamped on the Waves blockchain by including them on said transactions.

“Mercury will power cross-chain communications from Jupiter to Waves and Waves to Jupiter. Any funded Jupiter node will have the ability to send messages to Waves using Mercury.” Sigwo, founder of Darcrus and Sigwo Technologies.

Since Jupiter is a 100% permissioned ledger by nature, the Mercury token system creates verifiable proofs that the information on the Jupiter blockchain has not been tampered with.

So why use Jupiter at all, and not Waves? The Jupiter permissioned blockchain has been developed by Jelurida with storage capabilities in mind and will allow any person or company to store data on the blockchain through its built-in plugins. Waves does not have the ability to store complex data sets or small files like Jupiter, but since it allows transaction fees to be paid in custom assets, it’s the perfect blockchain to store Jupiter’s blockhashes.

This is an amazing breakthrough in the blockchain space, where all the advantages of blockchain technology as a database are available, scalability can be managed due to Jupiter’s centralized model (Sigwo Technologies and the subscribed organizations and businesses will run the Jupiter Nodes), and yet the information is transparent and verifiable, removing the need for trust from the equation.

Furthermore, this system creates value for all Darcrus and Waves token holders, who have received Mercury through airdrops. Since companies and individuals will require Mercury as a provenance token, driving demand for the token (in theory, of course).

So what’s next? As the release of dAppsheet v.1 (which is scheduled for May) approaches, Sigwo Technologies LLC is already showcasing the power of dAppsheet’s database component, Jupiter, by having all of its infrastructure (including firewalls, development servers, Waves node, even the Jupiter nodes themselves) under Jupiter’s monitoring and logging services.

After dAppsheet is released, C3 Technologies, an official partner and authorized channel partner for Sigwo Technologies, will finalize the testing software and procedure in order to provide Proof of Concept for dAppsheet. C3 Technologies will also resell the Jupiter software.

Entrant Security, Inc. will also use Jupiter to store their logs and compliance data and will become a partenered reseller of Jupiter technology as well(subcontracting Sigwo Technologies for subject matter expertise, installation, training, and maintenance of the software). The integration process is currently ongoing and should be finished by the end of this month which means that Darcrus will see its first burn (from the revenue generated by Entrant Security Inc.) which is projected to happen on the 15th of May (an announcement will be made prior to the burn).

As we can see, Darcrus seems to be moving in the correct direction, securing its first partners and sales and creating value for investors and community members through the issuance and distribution of Mercury (MER) and the upcoming burn of Darcrus (DAR) tokens.