Darcrus | Why Companies Need dAppsheet?

Steven Grove, the founder of Sigwo Technologies, has recently announced a crowdfunding initiative for Darcrus, a blockchain startup that will develop and sell software and consultancy solutions to companies looking to integrate blockchain onto their infrastructure. Since its start on the 21st of November, the Initial Coin Offering has received over 483 bitcoins, reaching almost half of the current goal in the first two weeks of the event.

dAppsheet, the first software to be developed by Darcrus, is a decentralized application that allows companies to migrate into a blockchain-based system by replicating their databases wherever a dAppsheet node is running. This system allows the company to have an auditable, secure and decentralized database and in which every office acts as disaster recovery system for the other. dAppsheet has already spawn interest among several companies that are looking into the benefits that this system may bring them.

Among these companies is C3 Technologies. When asked about the problems that dAppsheet could solve, Rick Lim said:

“One of the many areas of concern with owning a business is providing the most accurate financial data. With Darcrus, there leaves zero room for error. This eliminates the “guaranteed 10% loss” that all businesses assume while doing business.”

Moving into a blockchain based solution not only eliminates data loss and server down time within the company, it also allows the company to save on the resources and time that is usually lost with data recovery and protection efforts:

“Darcrus’s dApp solves numerous problems within the IT world. One of many would include Data Replication and Recovery Time. This is the big player in the game. Our company strives to provide the best solutions for our customers, specifically in these areas. With being able to essentially remove the “Recovery Time” for our clients, this is a game changer!” Rick Lim

Companies will also save time when considering the intuitive solution that dAppsheet provides, along with the consultancy services that will be performed by Darcrus.

“The beauty of Darcrus and dAppsheets are that the businesses don’t have to research and learn an entire eco system to get a great product.” Steven Grove

As the crowdfunding campaign progresses, the Darcrus team will release the first prototype for the dAppsheet application.

During this crowdfunding campaign users can exchange Bitcoin for the Darcrus token (DAR), a crypto asset that will run on a buyback program. This program allows a portion of the profits made from direct sales of software and consultancy services and from Steven’s previous endeavours such as the SIGFARM mining operation to be used to purchase tokens off the major exchanges. Investors can still take advantage of the early 15% bonus that will end on December 4th, giving way to a 5% bonus that will decrease until the end of the Initial Coin Offering.

Darcrus will not only focus on dAppsheet as there are two more projects currently outlined in the roadmap, Mercury and Jupiter. To larn more about these project, read our latest interview with Steven Grove (page 9). You can also learn more about Darcrus by engaging the community on Slack.