Decent Continues to Expand its Community Outreach

The Decent Network is a blockchain-based platform that aims to make content distribution and consumption available and fair for both the content creators and consumers. It seeks to remove control and censorship of intellectual property from centralized entities, allowing anyone to upload and price their content which can be bought individually and ranked by the users.

Since the end of its crowdfunding campaign, the Decent development team is now moving forward towards the first stage of its development Roadmap, the launch of the main network or DECENT-Core which is scheduled for Q1 – ­Q2 of 2017. As so, Decent is currently building its worldwide community and establishing itself in the international blockchain space. Currently operating in Europe and Asia, Decent has recently added brand-new offices in Bratislava’s business incubator in the 0100 Campus. Each of the offices in Slovakia, Armenia and China has its set of duties and responsibilities necessary to support blockchain technology adoption in the region, a crucial factor in assuring the longevity of the Decent and other blockchain-based platforms. Decent has plans to further expand its enterprise with the purpose of bringing innovation to the creative and distribution industry.

Decent is also making its project known by attending several blockchain events, most recently the NAB show, a major summit held in the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The team has also attended the Energy Internet & “One Belt, One Road” Summit 2016, in China’s financial capital, Shanghai.

Decent is hard-set in establishing itself not only in the blockchain “sandbox”, but also in the mainstream channels through strategic partnerships with relevant companies like Naughty America and Google.

Adoption can be a decisive factor in the success of any blockchain system, and even more so with Decent which is ensuring that its technology will be used by both content creators and consumers once it’s released in 2017.