Decent | Development and Marketing Update

In 2017, Decent has already set up a new roadmap and the team is now working tirelessly both in the development and in marketing. Going forward, the Decent team will exercise the same transparency we have come to expect from their platform itself and will post regular updates regarding their development process, leaving no room for an uninformed community. Although some things have been pushed back since their first roadmap, the Decent development team is still somewhat on schedule, which is always a challenge when dealing with uncharted technology as new as blockchain tech. 

Development Update

So far, the Decent development team has already completed some of the core features of the Decent network. The first of which is the subscription mechanism, which has been successfully implemented in the DECENT Core, thus achieving the first step of the subscription-based content delivery and implementing basic functionalities like managing subscriptions and price-duration matching. The team has also focused on making development under the Decent’s blockchain protocol easy for all operative systems. – Read more here.

Decent wants to ensure that the final product will be easy and intuitive for those that have yet to deal with blockchain technology, as well as for crypto-community and app developers. As so, a series os tests are planned on four testnets that will be released periodically.

“Participants on the first testnet will have an opportunity to try out the fully functional Decentralized Marketplace with available digital content together with an addition of subscription-based content delivery solutions. The demo will also introduce advanced recommendations for various content located in the marketplace.”

Following the four testnets, the official mainnet launch is scheduled for June/July this year and it is set to boast a full set of functions, fully operating core, strong cryptography to provide adequate safety from hackers, DCT wallet, search criteria for specific content, and seeding plugin.

Marketing Update

As previously mentioned, the Decent team is making regular appearances at popular blockchain meetups and talks. Participating and attending these events is extremely important for Decent, which aims to establish itself as an influential force in the Blockchain sphere.

From the 23rd the 24th of January, the Decent team attended the highly anticipated blockchain event in Zurich called “Blockchain: How Insurers are Building up Trust by Breaking down Barriers.

The conference attracted a multitude of renowned experts from various fields – banking, IT and primarily insurance, to speak about the potential of blockchain solutions in the FinTech industry.

The main theme consisted of three major tactics – explaining and elaborating on blockchain technology in general, choosing the method on how to utilize it effectively, thus accelerating cross-company efficiency.

If you wish to meet the Decent team at one of these events, you can always follow their blog and check the announcements made there. The blog will also keep you updated on the latest developments of the Decent Network project.

To learn more about Decent, check out the official website (which recently got a new look) and read the whitepaper.