DECENT | Fair and Decentralized Content Distribution Platform

DECENT is a decentralized content distribution platform that seeks to eliminate unwanted and unnecessary middleman fees and manipulation by connecting content creators (such as bloggers, musicians, painters) and consumers directly to each other. This is done using blockchain technology and a modified version of BitTorrent protocol.

Decent allows anyone to upload media files and to determine what price users should pay for it, if any price should be paid at all, and since the platform is “owned” by its users, no one can dictate which content is more or less important, meaning that everyone has equal publishing and viewing rights that associated with a reputation, recommendation, and feedback (which stays recorded on the blockchain) system will allow consumers to have easy access to relevant content.

Due to the DECENT peer to peer system no political or geographical barriers will exist in content sharing and consuming, since the content can pe published and viewed anonymously and it is shared by multiple nodes there is no main server to firewall or disconnect. Miners that act as seeders to the content and maintain the blockchain do not have access to the information on which content is being seeded, therefore it is unfeasible to censor a specific piece of media.

Decent has its own blockchain that is mantained through a proof of custody system in which miners or “publisherminers” have to prove they are in possession of an encrypted (published content) file using zero knowledge proofs. Decent’s native value token is DCT and it is used to view or publish content. No fee or percentage is taken from the content creator or viewer by the DECENT platform, which is completely free to use, this means that content creators will get 100% of all proceeds created through the Decent Platform and that users will pay no fees or subscriptions to view or use the content.

The blockchain is maintained by miners that are also considered as “publishers” within the Decent dapp context. The content that is created by the authors is encrypted, and the encryption key is then split, encrypted using the publisher’s (miners) public key, and sent to those publishers, that act as seeders that are ready to store content of a given size and to make the file available for download even though they have no knowledge of the file content. When the content is published, all the information about it such as title, description, price, list of publishers, etc. is recorded on the blockchain through a content-submit transaction. The transaction fee required to publish content is paid by the author and it is used to reward miners (like Bitcoin transaction fees) and to prevent spam.

A content consumer can then buy the content he/she wishes to view and make a request-to-buy transaction that will lock the value of the respective content price. When the Publisher that is hosting the specific content views this transaction on the blockchain, he decrypts his share of the encryption key with his private key and encrypts it with the content consumer’s public key. The content consumer can then decrypt and reassemble the decryption key, which in turn will decrypt the file downloaded via BitTorrent protocol. The DCT paid by the consumer is then sent to the author, minus a fee that is paid to the publishers.

The Decent project will be developed, maintained and promoted by the Decent Foundation, which is a non-profit entity that is also in charge of handling the DCT kept for bounties and marketing, while the ICO or Software sale itself will be organized by the DECENT Services, a non-profit organization in charge of initial operations.

During the Sofware Sale DCT tokens will be made available to investors as described in the DECENT sale page, these tokens, while pegged to the Bitcoin price during the ICO, can be purchased with both Bitcoin or Ether. The DCT total supply will, in this case be determined by the amount of BTC and ETH received during the ICO, since DCT is exchanged or sold for BTC at fixed exchange rate, and there is no limit for the ICO investments, the total supply will increase as investments are received. The premined tokens will constitute 70% of the DCT total supply in which bounty, marketing and investment funds are also included, along with a 10% portion (out of the tokens sold during the ICO) that will be kept by the Decent Foundation. The remaining 30% of the total supply will be mineable over time. Click here for more ICO details.

After the ICO, The Decent Core, which is written in C++ and currently in alpha stage will be developed and finished. The Decent Platform launch itself is set for Q1 – ­Q2 / 2017, as well as DCT trading on multiple exchanges. Click here to see the Decent Roadmap.

Over time, Decent has made a number of significant media partnerships such as Coiniran, 8btc, BitRush, Webglobe, Hideez, Bitalo, Forklog, NewsBTC, CryptoCurrency Magazine, Blockchain News, Bitcoin News, ICO Countdown. Decent team is putting a great amount of effort into the divulgation and marketing of the Decent Network attending several conferences and presentations including the most recent China Tour that included several presentations across Shanghai.

Users can learn more about Decent by engaging with the community through the desginated communication channels like Slack and Telegram. In order to stay updated you can follow Decent on social media and subscribe to the newsletter.