DECENT ICO Breaks 3$ Million in Ten Days

Decent is a content sharing and monetizing platform that will be built on top of its own blockchain. It will allow users to sell and buy content without middleman manipulation and overhead costs, thus creating a fair and transparent environment for users in which there is no censorship or server downtime.

Ten days into the Decent crowd sale and it has already gathered more than five thousand Bitcoins (around $3,000,000), four thousand of which were received during the first day. After the crowd funding period, Decent will start building the necessary infrastructure to deploy their content sharing platform.

During the crowd sale period, Decent continues to make strategic partnerships in vital sectors of the blockchain industry, most recently Decent has partnered with MinerGate, the biggest Monero pool out there, and creator of the MinerGate GUI (Graphic User Interface) miner software, which allows users to smart-mine several cryptocurrencies. MinerGate has over 340 thousand unique miners.

“DECENT will be a remarkable addition to our pool, as we believe in the philosophy of sharing and promoting digital content via blockchain technology and would love to share it with our clients, too. DECENT ICO is one of the few that makes sense, because our miners would love to expand their capacities, and DECENT gives rewards for hard drive storage space.” Claude Lecomte, CEO of MinerGate

This partnership will make mining Decent easier for users that lack the technical expertise to mine cryptocurrencies without a graphic interface, thus bringing the platform closer to mainstream adoption which is a very important task in order to make the project successful.

The team is focused in making Decent accessible to all content producers, starting with bloggers that will have access to a Medium-like blogging  platform built on the Decent blockchain. It will allow users to create an account, publish and purchase content, rate authors, search for content and more. All this through a user friendly interface. A recent blog post explains the whole process behind these features and can be read here.

Decent has also announced the opening of a new office that will be placed within JadeValue, a brand new FinTech v.2 Incubator located in Shangai. The JadeValue building will open its gates in October 2016, along with Decent’s new office.

If you want to keep up with Decent developments, you can join the community on Slack, Telegram, and follow Decent on social media. You can also subscribe to the Decent newsletter through the official website.