DECENT Partners with Naughty America

DECENT, the blockchain-based content sharing platform has once more struck an amazing partnership, this time with one of the major adult content production companies in the U.S.A, Naughty America, a well-known innovator in its industry, with the goal of building a content distribution platform for the adult entertainment industry and its users.

This content distribution platform will combine some of the most advanced techniques in Blockchain technology, Digital video fingerprinting and Cryptography not only to bring you a more efficient and private channel to consume content, but also to fight illegal content sharing and copyright infringement which is common in the adult video industry.

DECENT will use Digital video fingerprinting, a technology that marks video files individually so that they can be later identified by their unique components, that combined with the blockchain and BitTorrent technology employed by the DECENT platform will ensure that every unique file can be tracked and secured in the network from the moment it is uploaded, thus preventing piracy within the network.

“Fighting piracy and protecting privacy are key priorities for Naughty America. DECENT offers us the ability to accomplish both at the same time due to the technology’s level of security, transparency, and inalterability of records.” Ian Paul, CIO of Naughty America

DECENT and Naughty America want to develop an efficient content distribution system that benefits not only the content producers but also the consumers. A system where there is no downtime, hacks, censorship or copyright violation.

“In comparison to what is widely used today – hash coding, can only determine a completely equal or unequal file, the DECENT system will distinguish between genuine and copied content using detailed analysis of file’s characteristics. We look forward to exploring the huge potential of Blockchain technology in combination with current industry solutions along with Naughty America in the upcoming pilot project.” Matej Boda, co-founder of DECENT

This is one of the many amazing partnerships that DECENT has managed to achieve with their product, most noticeably the partnership with Minergate and the grant received from Google Grants. By partnering with Naughty America, DECENT has taken another step forward in blockchain technology mainstream adoption by combining two of the biggest players on the internet ecosystem: Digital Currency and Adult Video Content.

The DECENT Crowd Sale is still ongoing and more than 5400 BTC have been collected so far, and there are still 5 weeks left until the ICO ends. The DECENT platform will be launched Q1/Q2 of 2017 and will be continously updated with a new version every six months.

“I am really fascinated with the DECENT vision to bring together world experts in IT and cryptography to unite those who want to distribute content without a middleman with those wanting to consume this content without compromising attention, time and privacy.” Alexander Vasylchenko CTO, Grid Singularity, ex-CTO, Mycelium