Decent Platform | Approaching a New Era in Content Distribution

Decent, a blockchain-based platform that wants to make the content distribution industry fair, safe and accessible to all involved, is approaching the end of their crowdfunding campaign. During this nine week event, Decent saw an overwhelming support not only from the community but from companies as well, most noticeably from Google grants who donated $10000 to the vision of the Decent Platform. During this crowd sale, Decent managed to gather 5764.89 bitcoin, currently worth about four million U.S dollars.

This Initial Coin Offering period has been very eventful, thanks to the team that has been extremely active attending several events in relevant blockchain gatherings in an effort to make its platform known, and announcing an array of exciting partnerships and updates, including the introduction of DECENT Stream, a decentralized streaming service that, unlike its competitors, charges no middleman fees and is not based on an allowance fee system. Furthermore, DECENT Stream is going to come with HW devices, plug & play USB-HDMI hardware that enables any Smart-TV to be directly plugged in the DECENT Network where viewers can buy content directly from their creators for an affordable price.

There is also another amazing project being developed by the Decent Platform team in partnership with the Hackereum Project. Dubbed “Crowd Penetration & Exchange Platform”, this solution can be used to deal with software issues on the spot:

“Imagine your software experiences malfunction, a malicious bug is slowing down your website or you’re unable to work efficiently. Then you realize there’s no time to conduct an system overhaul, you can’t spend finances to employ additional IT specialists to track the problem. Wipe the sweat off from your forehead, cooperation between DECENT and Hackereum Project has the solution.”

This platforms users “hackers” to diagnose a software problem and upload the vulnerability onto private blockchain, designed by DECENT, where they are considered as an asset. Hackers can obtain this asset by solving the problem and trade it on the DECENT network for a fair price. – Read more

Among the several announcements made in the DECENT times blog, is the opening of a new office in China, where the team has also attended several blockchain meetups.

Investors can still take part in the one time initial coin offering until the 6th of November, during which time they can buy 3000 DCT tokens for one bitcoin.

Users can learn more about Decent by engaging with the community through the designated communication channels like Slack and Telegram. In order to stay updated, you can follow Decent on social media and subscribe to the newsletter.