Decent Platform | As the Crowdfund Ends, Development Continues

The crowdfunding initiative created by the Decent project two months ago was an undeniable success with more than 5880 BTC gathered during the event, which ended on the sixth of November. During the course of this Initial Coin Offering, the team developing Decent released several updates, announced important partnerships such as the ones with Naughty America and MinerGate and also made several public appearances in meetups, conferences, and other events in an effort to promote their vision of a decentralized and fair content distribution platform powered by blockchain technology.

While the underlying technology behind the Decent Platform, a mixture of blockchain technology and a modified version of the Bittorrent protocol, may be a bit hard to grasp, the objective is clear: To create a decentralized platform that benefits both the content creators and the consumers. In the Decent ecosystem, content creators like bloggers, musicians, filmmakers, vloggers, and so on, are paid in full according to the price they have set with no middleman fees going to the platform itself or platform developers, only to the “miners” that make the content sharing possible. Content creators not only receive a higher % of the profit, they are also treated fairly with no central authority dictating which content should get more exposure or should be cheap/expensive. Instead, a reputation system is put in place to reward creators for their effort. The content consumers are also getting the best deal possible, since the artists are not required to pay overhead fees, the prices can be reduced. The pay-per-content system employed (and made possible thanks to blockchain’s micro transactions) also allows users to access and pay only for the contents they need or want, eliminating the outdated subscription model that may place unnecessary financial burdens upon the user.

As expected, the developments, partnerships, and attendences have kept coming after the crowdfunding period, acerting Decent’s position as a relevant crypto platform and possibly a game changer for the content distribution industry.

Decent has been seen promoting and explaining the concept behind the platform in multiple events, most recently in two Blockchain Meetups in Berlin and Geneva and at the Annual Energy Internet Summit 2016, in Shanghai.

After MinerGate, the Decent Platform has also recently partnered with Polish mining pool, Coinmine, in an effort to cross-promote its brand and products on multiple platforms and ensuring that DCT mining is decentralized and accessible to anyone.

“DECENT role in acquiring mining pool partnership, such as Coinmine or previous MinerGate expand possibilities of putting DCT on the spotlight and due to recent tremendous success in ICO, we expect demand for DCT to increase rapidly.” Decent Team

The release of Decent-core is set for Q1-Q2 of 2017, while the release of the various apps for the platform and of the Decent-stream HW and Plug&Play USB-HDMI devices is set for the course of 2017 until 2019.Click here to see the development roadmap.