Decent Platform | What’s Ahead?

Last year, the Decent team unveiled their idea for a decentralized content sharing network to the world, demonstrating a basic prototype of the Decent Platform and its basic features and characteristics. The community got the first look at what the future of decentralized content holds, by following a step-by-step guide for sharing and purchasing online content with no middleman involved.

Decent conducted a successful crowdfunding campaign, in which it gathered funds to further develop and market the platform. During the campaign, Decent also partnered with companies like Naughty America and received support from Google Ad Grants program. The team ended the year with new additions to the team, expanding its core staff of developers and opening new offices around the world.

So, what’s next for Decent? During the beginning of the year, the Decent Network, which is the core focus of the project, will be released. The launch is predicted for Q1-Q2 of the year and it will feature built-in DCT transactions. According to a recent blog post, the team is close to moving to the testing phase.

During Q3-Q4, Decent will work with developers and provide assistance with the goal of creating multiple use cases for the decent network, which is an open-source project. One of these use cases will be developed by the team themselves, the Decent News app.

Decent News will be an intuitive app that will allow users to publish and read news online with no central point of authority. This means that readers will have access to truly global and uncensored content, something that often lacks in traditional news outlets!

“Each author can create his own profile within the app, build his own “news feed” and start building his audience. DECENT-News is just one of many possible use-cases of the Network.”

Further down the line, Decent is planning to launch Decent on the App Store, integrate Decent-core into existing ebook platforms, software app stores, music marketplaces, Smart­ TVs, password managers, and so on. The long term plan for DECENT is to manufacture DECENT-­Stream HW devices. Plug&Play USB­HDMI devices will enable any Smart­TV to be directly plugged into the DECENT Network, although these features may take a few years to come.

As expected, 2017 is also a year in which the team hopes to further broaden its reach and recognition by participating and attending blockchain-themed events. This year, Decent also wants to create more bonds in and outside of the blockchain industry

“2017 is going to be a year of breakthroughs, partnerships and speeches – A year critical for our company. We hope, you will be there with us and support us as eagerly as you did last year.”

For more information check out the Decent website, which has recently gotten a new look!