Decent | Testnet No.1 Launched

DECENT is a blockchain-based content distribution platform. The project first started in 2015 with the team behind the project presenting the ambitious goal of liberating the world of media, by empowering both content creators and consumers alike. But how is the DECENT platform able to do all of this? First of all, like all blockchain technologies, the platform will be decentralized, meaning anyone can publish content without having to go through third parties.

DECENT is an independent platform, owned and controlled only by its community  and will never be affiliated with any economic, media or political party. This allows for a platform without censorship, where content creators have their profits maximized. It also allows users to create a variety of applications on an open-source protocol, ranging from blogs, music, streaming, e-book publishing, software sales, indie game development, among others.

Now that you know a little about what DECENT is and what it does, you might be curious to try it out. Although the project hasn’t been officially launched yet, the first Testnet, Ceaser, was launched on the 10th of March. This is the first beta-version of the DECENT network and will allow users to explore the core functionalities of the DECENT desktop client, like browsing, uploading and purchasing content, or even rating the author and checking the transaction history. In order to make this possible, a certain amount of DCT, the platform’s cryptocurrency, will be added to each user’s account so that everyone is able to effectively test the features. However, the DCT distributed will be used only for testing and won’t be available or functioning within DECENT Mainnet.

If you want to become a supporter of the project you are in luck. The DECENT team needs help to test the platform and, in order to do so, they offered several ways for users to report errors on the platform. Although only 200 invitations were sent to the first users who registered through DECENT website, the project will have 3 other testnets, “Caeser” being this first one. All testnets will have code names based on historical figures(Caeser, Alberti, Trithemius, Vigenère) responsible for creating different cyphers. Also, the cyphers stem from each other, meaning they come in historical sequence. Each testnet will allow more and more users to test the platform, but even if you miss them don’t worry, the DECENT team will allow all registered users to test DECENT functionalities prior to its official launch. You can register here! The mainnet, a fully functioning version of DECENT is scheduled to launch in June of 2017.