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Dell Pays Closer Attention to A.l. suite for a Digital Future

Some years ago, statements such as “the world is going digital” were a major trend in the technology industry. Well, only a few years down the line, such statements are now stale as the world has actually gone digital. This implies that every technology company that wants to stay in business and continue making profits must go digital. Whilst there are many factors that can be put into place for a company to prepare for a digital future, Dell computers has opted to stay focused on Al suites in the bid to stay relevant in this digital age. Dell technologies has made a couple of moves to avoid becoming a part of history, however, its focus on artificial intelligence suites is a major key that will ensure that products made by Dell technologies remain relevant in a world that is rapidly becoming more digital as the days go by.

Dell computers are not the only technology firm that believes in the power of Artificial intelligence. Some of the largest technology companies such as Facebook, Amazon Web Services, Apple, Oracle, etc., are not left out of the trend of putting more focus on Artificial intelligence. This has led the above named companies to ensure that artificial intelligence and other recent technologies are a core part of their products. As Dell prepares for a digital future, it has shown its interest in artificial intelligence in quite a number of ways. Some of them are included below.

Dell Technologies has offered a Trailblazers award to the State Bank of India (SBI)

At an event that took place in April this year, Dell Technologies Inc. offered an award to the largest public sector lender in India, the State Bank of India. The reason for this award is the role of this bank in bringing about a major digital banking transformation programme to India. This is in addition to establishing an innovation center which will help in the exploration of the incorporation of very recent technology such as artificial intelligence, Blockchain, and machine learning.

One other instance which clearly demonstrates Dell Technology’s desire to pay close attention to an artificial intelligence suite is its role in ensuring that AeroFarms LLC’s plant scientists in the United States can conveniently watch over 130,000 data points every harvest to continuously examine and update the system through the use of prognostic analytics

Dell is Focusing on Artificial Intelligence despite its Founder’s Views

Dell technologies’ effort to take advantage of artificial intelligence suites in ensuring better sales and profit round the world is happening regardless of Michael Dell’s opposing views. Michael Dell might be the founder and CEO of Dell technologies. Inspite of this, his views as regards the evolution in the technology world is very contrary to popular opinion. An example of this is Dell’s belief that PCs are still some of the best things to happen in this age. He holds firmly to this belief even as there has been a decline in the request for PCs by 1.4%. Strangely, Dell Technologies has chosen to go with the popular trend in the technology sector instead of sticking to Michael Dell’s contrasting view.

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