Desiree Dickerson

Desiree Dickerson | A Woman for Women and Crypto

Desiree Dickerson

Desiree Dickerson did not get into the cryptocurrency world like most people do. It was not Bitcoin, but Dogecoin that she bumped into while lurking on Reddit. The rest of her journey is not so different from that of most leaders in the space. She started to learn more about the technology. She did not stop there, but took up the next challenge. This was to roll up her sleeves and actually contribute in the cryptocurrency space.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the things Desiree has been doing since getting into the crypto world.

Before Crypto

Before finding Dogecoin, Desiree was a scientist. She has Biology a degree from the University of Chicago. Her second degree was in Biophysics and Physiology from Georgetown University

Dickerson researched on “Effects of Naturally Occurring Genetic Variation on the Severity of Mutation Phenotype in the Eye Development Pathway”. This was at the Kreitman Laboratory of Georgetown University’s Department of Ecology and Evolution.

Desiree is still involved with research somehow. She is a project manager at Atlas Research. Atlas research works on helping their customers “plan and execute enterprise-level transformation and performance improvement initiatives.”

Educating Others About Crypto

While speaking on the “Bad Crypto Podcast” recently, Desiree stated that it was good to spread crypto knowledge by sharing what we know about it with people around us. She does her bit by covering cryptocurrency stories and issues on 21 cryptos.

She extends this to venture capital firms. As a technology consultant at Strategic Cyber Ventures, part of her job included examining cryptocurrency related investments and giving her expert views on them to senior executives of venture capital firms.

Championing Women In Crypto and Beyond

Desiree Dickerson is a Blockchain and Digital Currency Fellow at Women for Women International. She has been involved with the organization’s programmes geared towards empowering women in post-conflict areas. Under their programme, women in such areas are given entrepreneurial skills as well as literacy and financial literacy skills. Further steps are taken to ensure the women who go through this program more willing able to take charge of the lives in terms of making decisions.

When it comes to the “there aren’t enough women in crypto” issue, Dickerson is of the view that it is pointless to keep on stating the obvious. She believes it’s better to “promote the women currently leading crypto and blockchain efforts”.

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