developers creating blockchain based solutions for the benefit of others.

Chris Eliss – Blockchain Solutionist

The backbone of the crypto and blockchain space are the developers. The complexity of the blockchain is made simplified for various use cases by them. Chris Ellis is one of such developers providing blockchain based solutions. Chris is a well-known pioneer in the Bitcoin community and cryptocurrency space. He is a possibilitarian and microprenuer working towards bettering the world. He is starting by strengthening the Bitcoin network’s decentralization with additional nodes and teaching others to do the same. This makes Chris one of the Blockchain developers creating blockchain based solutions for the benefit of others.

Developers Creating Blockchain Based Solutions for Passport Fraud

Developers seek to create solutions for perceived problems and Chris Ellis as a developer is providing blockchain based solutions by creating a BlockchainID. He created the first crypto-passport in the world. The aim was to create a mathematical encrypted crypto passport that can safeguard against fake IDs. Chris designed the software layout in a simple process which is easy for anyone to create their own private passport service. The passport will be built based on the bitcoin blockchain and PGP (pretty good privacy) which will provide cryptographic privacy.

Lending a Helping Hand

Chris gave a new definition to the word ‘decentralization’ when he decided to empower individuals to participate and help keep Bitcoin decentralized. He dedicated 12 hours to build full bitcoin nodes on December 5, 2015. Although he was creating those nodes during the broadcast of his fundraiser for his ProTip project, his aim was to enable individuals to create these nodes themselves. He made these full nodes by himself with the use of open source and available materials. This makes him on of the smart developers creating blockchain based solutions for all.

Funds for the project ProTip was raised through a series of videos titled Not (Just) Made In China. In the videos, Chris spent time explaining the creation of the nodes which was privacy-centric and far cheaper than some versions. The nodes were built with the use of a Rashberry Pi2 which will make the addition of more nodes to the overall system easier. Also, asides creating nodes, the ProTip project was created by Chris to be a collection of micropayment options that can function on any web browser or website. The ProTip platform is a bitcoin wallet that enables people to get tips for creating online contents. The platform will enable you to get tips from websites such as YouTube, WordPress, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Patreon and some self-hosting websites. What the crypto space needs now is more developers creating blockchain based soltions like Chris.