Digibyte | What’s Fueling the Rally?

Launched in 2014, Digibyte is a Multi-Algorithm cryptocurrency that has recently “resurfaced” as one of the most valuable coins by market cap. Digibyte is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency based on a multi-algorithm mining system that allows users to mine it all sorts of mining equipment through five different algorithms.

Currently sitting at $0.051, Digibyte has grown over 11000% in 2 months, breaking away from the previous downtrend – Click here to see live charts.

So what is fueling this accentuated rally? Although altcoins are experiencing sudden increases in value with no apparent explanation, several developments may be driving the factor of the recently-awaken DGB.

Digibyte is highly popular among gamers as it allows users to connect Digibyte gaming and the digibyte gaming wallet to games like League of Legends. DGB is also used for tipping within Twitch, a leading video platform and community for gamers and other social media websites like twitter.

Most noticeably, Minecraft will also have its own Digibyte-enabled server, dubbed “Mine that Digi”. This unofficial service does not represent a partnership with Microsoft, but it does represent major exposure to a mainstream gaming audience. Although the server isn’t completely new, the team is reworking the whole server for a second update that will launch on June 10th.

This second update will feature multiple improvements like minigames, a creative mode, tipping players, gambling (with in-game coins), buying ingame items and withdrawing DGB. Click here to visit the official website and see the server launch countdown.

Although gaming is a big part of the Digibyte ecosystem, it may not be the most influential factor in the recent DGB rally. DigiByte Holdings LTD is currently working on a project dubbed “DiguSign” (did you sign?)

The DiguSign is a transparent and decentralized identity/notary service that is powered by the Digibyte blockchain, allowing users to secure, notarize and validate contracts on the blockchain. This service can be used for a multitude of use cases in multiple sectors like healthcare, government, legal, trade, and more. – Click here to learn more

Digibyte’s DiguSign project was selected as one of the finalists in the Citi® Tech for Integrity Challenge, a project that is self-described as “an open innovation initiative seeking to source tech solutions that promote integrity around the world”. Digibyte was selected along with other 103 companies like Rootstock and others. These finalists were selected out of 1200 companies.

To learn more about Digibyte visit the official website.