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Selling Digital Currencies can be likened to Selling Apple Products in 2001

Bitcoin has not been around for a very long time. By January next year, it would have been around for about a decade. In spite of this, Bitcoin has gained worldwide prominence. A lot of people, cryptocurrency enthusiasts inclusive are of the opinion that Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, will leave the scene almost as rapidly as they arrived on the scene. These speculations have prompted a lot of people to want to sell-off all cryptocurrencies in their possession before the price of cryptocurrencies crash totally or so they assume. Well, the craze for people to sell off their cryptocurrencies as soon as possible might be really high. That, however, does not make it a perfect idea. Just like selling Apple products was a thing of choice in 2001, selling off the cryptocurrencies in your possession is also all about choice. It is not something that you must do.

Why you should only sell-off your Cryptocurrencies only if you have to do so

The hype about the impending crash of Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies might be overwhelming; that however, is not a guarantee that the digital currency era will soon be over. The reason for this is pretty simple. As people got to understand the way the internet works, they had a tendency to want other people in their world to also be aware of the internet. The same can be said about Apple products, as more people made use of Apple products, the use of this product spread. Blockchain technology can be compared to both the internet as well as Apple products. As more and more people get to know about blockchain technology, how it works, and how it can help transform the world, the higher the chances of blockchain technology getting into the worlds of more and more people.

The many benefits of blockchain technology are being taken advantage of in many different sectors of the world’s economy. Apart from its obvious use in medicine and engineering, blockchain technology is also very important in helping to reduce hacking in electoral systems. Now, as a result of the relevance of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies might last much longer than people assume. As a matter of fact, the stronger blockchain gets, the higher the likelihood of cryptocurrencies lasting the test of time.

Why Selling Cryptocurrency is likened to Selling Apple Products

In 2001, before the introduction of iBook, iPods, and the upgrade of the Mac OS, Apple’s stock was low. This made selling Apple products not a very good idea. This, notwithstanding, a lot of people still made the choice to sell Apple products. In the same way, the selling of cryptocurrencies might seem a good idea at the moment. However, the truth is things can change very suddenly. This means if you must sell cryptocurrencies, it should be a thing of choice and not as a result of the a lot of speculation. Although lots and lots of people seem to be scared of keeping their cryptocurrencies to themselves, some would argue that you should only sell those in your possession only if you have to for the purpose of meeting pressing financial needs.

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