DMMB/impactChoice to Deploy Photovoltaic Renewable Energy System

Client Engagement Announcement – Cummins

Cummins South Africa have contracted DMMB/impactChoice South Africa for the design and installation of a Photovoltaic Renewable Energy System at their new campus.

impactChoice29 November  2017, Mauritius /, the team behind EARTH Token and the Natural Asset Exchange (NAE), today announced that Cummins South Africa have contracted DMMB/impactChoice South Africa for the design and installation of a 246 kWh Grid-tie Photovoltaic Renewable Energy System at the Cummins New Campus Site in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

“Implementing technologies that assist in reducing our carbon footprint, is and will remain one of our main focus areas when looking at Environmental sustainability. We recently contracted DMMB Group to implement their Solar PV solutions in our new Campus Site facility being built in Midrand, with further projects planned for our Durban and Cape Town operations”. Jaco Strydom – HSE Lead Africa and the Middle East. “We’re happy to see that they have joined the impactChoice fold and are excited to see what they are doing with EARTH Token and the Natural Asset Exchange”, he added.

The photovoltaic (PV) solar system for the generation of electricity for the new development site for Cummins New Campus in Johannesburg has been designed to supply solar power to the campus and to offset the annual energy usage. The expected economic life of the system is 25 years with easy upgradable options. The design has been developed by some of the most experienced engineers in energy and solar systems in South Africa, and the equipment is backed by the world-renowned European solar company Schneider Electric.

“When taking a glance at Cummins, a Fortune 500 listed company with revenues in excess of USD 17 Billion, and knowing that we have been doing business with this global giant for some time now, it really excites me. When it comes to environmental Sustainability, Cummins is simply phenomenal, hence, being able to provide our solutions to help them achieve their goals is an enormous privilege.”

– Dennis Stone – Director: Renewable Energy, impactChoice.

At current electricity costs, the reduction in electricity drawn from the supply authority will result in a reduction in the electricity bill which otherwise is set to increase year on year at an estimated 8% per annum as electricity prices increase. This is a conservative assumption as actual electricity price increases could be much higher than the current 8% p.a. estimate.

Lightweight solar panels will be mounted directly onto the substructure on the existing

roof space and will utilize maximum roof space to guarantee electrical production carrying a 25-year production guarantee. Inverters will convert the direct-current (DC) electricity generated by the solar panels to 400Volt 50Hz alternating-current (AC) that ties into the normal distribution board of the building. It has been designed in such a way that the system can at any time in the future be expanded to provide more capacity. The installation will reduce the carbon footprint of the building by an estimated 242 tons of CO2 per annum.

impactChoice will launch a token sale of its ERC20 Standard cryptocurrency, EARTH Token (EARTH) on November 24, 2017. The goal of the project is to combine the strengths of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency with years of experience creating Environmental Sustainability Solutions to establish a global Natural Asset Marketplace (Natural Asset Exchange) that removes current barriers to participation in activities that preserve our Environment while providing all stakeholders with tangible assets that appreciate in value as the market matures and grows.


Cummins, Inc. is an American Fortune 500 corporation that designs, manufactures, and distributes engines, filtration, and power generation products.


impactChoice is a leading provider of environmental sustainability solutions. The impactChoice Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform and EARTH Token (EARTH) creates a unique opportunity to invigorate the Natural Asset Market and enable all stakeholders in the value chain to participate. Transforming Environmental Sustainability from a financial burden to a business incentive by finally providing all contributors with tangible assets that will appreciate in value as the market grows – allowing the market to grow organically and achieve its massive potential.

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