Don Tapscott – The man behind Blockchain Research Institute

Don Tapscott – A Glimpse of the man behind Blockchain Research Institute

Don Tapscott is a famous businessman and speaker specializing in business strategy. He dedicates himself to the study of the organisational transformation and the role and impact of technology on the business industry and society. Tapscott has been following the development of the technology behind cryptocurrency for a few years and is now considered as one of the leading authorities promoting blockchain technology.

Who is Don Tapscott?

Don Tapscott was born in Canada on June 1, 1947. As a teen, he lived in Orillia, Ontario, where he finished his first graduating class over at the Park Street Collegiate Institute. He is currently an important figure in the world of business. He holds an M.Ed. specializing in research methodology completed at the University of Alberta and a B.Sc. in psychology and statistics completed at Trent University.

While earning his degree at the University of Alberta, he tried to start a political career, and in 1977 he ran for mayor of Edmonton representing the Revolutionary Workers’ League. In 2015, Don Tapscott was nominated to integrate the Order of Canada, and in 2017 he founded the Blockchain Research Institute. Thinkers50 considers him to be the 2nd most influential management and digital thinker in the world.

Tapscott – A businessman, an author, a strategist a speaker and much more

Tapscott is a versatile and straightforward experienced businessman. Tapscott is also an author, a consultant and a well-known public speaker who has been promoting blockchain technology. He founded New Paradigm, a Think Tank company and is currently the CEO of The Tapscott Group, a group which he also was the founder.

He lives in Toronto and is the Trent University chancellor while working as adjunct professor of management at the University of Toronto. He has been the author, and the co-author of fifteen books on the many ways technology can be applied to business and society. Two of his best and most well-known books are “Wikinomics” and “How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything”, which was published in 2006. This last book was co-authored by Anthony D. Williams, and had tremendous popularity as it became an international bestseller. In fact, it was the number one book on the 2007 management book charts and was translated into 25 different languages.

Don Tapscott is also known for being an excellent speaker. Back in 2012, he participated on the TEDGlobal in Edinburg where he was allowed to open the event and do a presentation on “The Four Principles for the Open World” to an online audience of more than 800,000. In 2017, Tapscott along with his son Alex Tapscott founded the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI). With this move, they intended to investigate, promote and educate companies about the potential of blockchain technology.

The Blockchain Research Institute

The Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) was born to deliver a knowledge network surrounding distributed ledger technology. Its goal is to conduct an investigation around blockchain implementation and the challenges it poses to companies. It also develops strategies and defines organizational transformations using use-case analysis.

BRI is committed to promoting public understanding of blockchain technologies by giving people the chance to study and understand the consequences of this new technology. BRI provides a diversified suite of services. Its members have access to a private website where they have many options such as monthly webinars, the display of deliverables, access to summits, and many other proprietary activities.

The institute also serves as a Think Tank and supports research programs in which groups or individuals can present investigation projects to access grants. With these research programs, BRI intends to further increase the overall knowledge base on the matter and explore new areas of development.

There are currently over 70 active research projects exploring several areas. The areas where projects are currently underway are financial services, retail, healthcare and government, energy and resources, manufacturing and technology/media. The overall challenge is to bring all the knowledge produced by these projects and put them together to understand how these technology changes brought by blockchain can affect the traditional corporate management.

Don Tapscott is undoubtedly one of the masterminds of the 21st century business and financial industry. It is difficult to get a hold of someone as influential and capable of putting in simple words the impact of technology on society.