EARTH Token ICO | Huge Bonus In Final 48 Hours


EARTH Token ICO | Huge Bonus In Final 48 Hours


January 13,  2018- Las Vegas –  Earth Token, the impactChoice creators of the blockchain based Natural Asset Exchange is wrapping up the first stage of their ICO sale with a huge bonus of 20% through Monday, January 15th 2018 until 12:00 GMT.  1 Ethereum will get you 4,000 Earth Tokens plus an extra 800 during this bonus period. Visit the  EARTH Token ICO sale page to get yours.


“We are delighted by the way the sale is progressing. We call on all people interested in sustaining our environment for future generations to back this project and become aware of its goals. We are currently in talks with more launch partners and anticipate a lot of new partnerships and announcements over the next 3 weeks. We cannot wait to show you our proof of concept.” – Allan Saunders – Product Management & Marketing Director, impactChoice


Through the Earth Token project, impactChoice introduces the Natural Asset Exchange which they assert has the ability to revolutionize the long-neglected natural asset market which is valued at an estimated figure in the trillions.  


By implementing blockchain accountability in this particular field there will be more clarity on where the funds are going and with no middlemen to shuffle the records and an unchangeable, immutable, public ledger, it can be a highly profitable exchange mechanism for more than the elite few.

There is an estimated $120 trillion dollar natural asset market made of valuables like lumber, natural gas, ores, soils, reserves of stored energy, and much more.  This enormous market of natural assets has been vulnerable to mistrust and mismanagement, due to opaque methods of accounting, with too many middlemen, and poor disclosure of spending. When information is concealed in any business venture it poses a distinct threat to the integrity of the operation.

When there is too much “red tape” surrounding a process, there has been insufficient records of spending, and that is unacceptable in this day and age.  Even in a perfect society, the mere fact that something COULD be hidden comes with potential abuse.

Several natural asset suppliers are already lined up to begin trading at the launch of the NAE. Kariba REDD+ and Black Rhino Reserve Wildlife Trust are examples of the relationships already forming. Interested future NAE participants in addition to our existing customers have scheduled solid for many weeks with various, exciting interested companies and projects for the planning of future partnerships.


The year ahead looks busy and with some hard work, it may be quite profitable.


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