EasyDEX Is A Fully Decentralized Exchange

Huntington, NYC (Crypto Press Release) June 20th, 2017 – EasyDEX, created by SuperNet, is a fully decentralized exchange which allows you to trade popular cryptocurrencies without your actual coins leaving the SuperNET wallet. EasyDEX supports atomic swaps, meaning you don’t need to move through Bitcoin in order to buy the coins you desire. Creator and coder, JL777, has created a system

where automatic trade bots buy and sell coins on centralised servers in order to achieve these atomic swaps. Essentially, what this means is all of the hassle incorporated in buying and selling one altcoin to another is done in the background automatically and safely. Being that these trade bots will be on multiple exchanges, this insures the user will get the best trades available at that point in time.

The SuperNET technology backing EasyDEX has also created a “Liquidity Providers” for supported coins so that trade spreads are smaller. This enables a better trading experience for traders. This will be a winner for professional traders who need more liquidity for bigger trades. Furthermore, EasyDEX also supports fiat currencies, such as the U.S dollar and the EURO.

“EasyDEX combines three key components: order matching, trade clearing and liquidity provider into a single integrated system that allows users to make a coin conversion request, find a suitable match and complete the trade using an atomic cross-chain protocol. Additionally, there is a privacy layer in the order matching so that two nodes can do a peer-to-peer atomic swap without any direct IP contact between the two nodes.” – JL777

Whilst currently in testing, EasyDEX will soon be released to the world. Initially to be released with a simple GUI, the EasyDEX will provide a service unseen the cryptoworld to date. Profits made by the EasyDEX system will moves through a range of assets created by JL777 which can be soon found on the Agama wallet. Other features to be on the Agama wallet, alongside EasyDEX, will be a revolutionary coin-mixing features that will move through ZCash technology.

For more information on SuperNet, go to https://supernet.org

For more infomation on EasyDEX, go to https://supernet.org/en/technology/whitepapers/easydex-a-practical-native-dex#atomic-cross-chain-protocol

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