EnctryptoTel – The First Secure Cloud Private Branch eXchange (PBX)

EncryptoTel is a blockchain-based telecommunications company. Their focus is on delivering a wide range of services, ranging from the creation and backup of complex infrastructures for enterprises, or private telecommunication lines for individual users.

Encrypted telecommunications are not new, they already exist and have been used for years. What sets EncryptoTel apart from the rest of the industry is their use of blockchain technology which has the potential to be the future of all traditional telecommunications.

Telephone infrastructures are falling out of use. These older infrastructures are being replaced by VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) systems like Skype. Despite the fact, most offices still use a combination of both systems, called IPPBX(Internet Protocol Public Branch Exchange). The IPPBX can be a fairly inefficient system because it uses both an internal phone network hooked up to the internet as well as an external phone system. Also, in this surveillance focused Orwellian society, the IPPBX fails to provide the necessary privacy its users often require.

That’s where EncryptoTel steps in. Their many services are offered through a digital PBX (Private Branch Exchange). The main difference between a PBX and IPPBX, is that the PBX is owned and operated by the enterprise rather than the telephone company. This allows enterprises to save on costs, not having to rely on a third party for telecommunication services. In the early days, PBX used analog technology in contrast with the new digital PBXs.

EncryptoTel is the first secure cloud based PBX. This means their services don’t require the installation of any additional hardware or infrastructures beyond a web connection and an existing internet-enabled device. All communications are encrypted and payments are done using cryptocurrencies. They currently accept Bitcoin and Litecoin. The fact that payments can be done with cryptocurrencies adds one more layer of privacy. EncryptoTel will also support a wide range of softphone and communications apps for video and audio calling and instant messaging.

EncryptoTel is currently in open beta, so you can test some of the features already. The team is in need of feedback and will reward users for testing the platform. They will also reward users for reporting bugs via a, yet to be release, “bugs price list”. On the 1st of May, EncryptoTel’s crowdsale will start and continue until the end of the month. The funding will be used to finish the product and market it successfully in the VoIP space. This crowdfunding campaign will take place on the Waves platform.