Dictatorial EOS Threatens Its Block Producer with a Lawsuit

EOS is in the news again for wrong reasons and this time it has become a hot topic due to the revelation by one of its Block producers that he was threatened for not blocking an account. EOS has raised a serious question: are they moving back to the same old centralized setup like banks and governments. Last week only we reported that EOS is stealing ETH from users and before that would cool down we have another controversy coming from their stable.

EOS Governance Model

EOS have their governance model in place rather than other projects which have decentralized blockchain in place. The governance model is said to be the management of the blockchain that cannot be automated but performed by human interactions. Daniel Larimer, Founder of this project, calls it Decentralized Blockchain Governance. EOS wants to make blockchain safer for users, so it has brought in a governance model in its blockchain.

The Governance Model in EOS is managed by the “Block Producers.” Block Producers replace the Miners in the Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm used in this blockchain. They determine the stability of the entire blockchain. There are 21 Block producers and 100 spare block producers.

Block Producers are responsible for the following tasks assigned to them, and in return, they get paid via inflation. Below are their duties.

  • Receive the transactions.
  • Make a block out of the collected transactions.
  • Broadcast the blocks to other Block Producers.

They have extra powers to even censor any transactions, according to the EOS constitution. The controversy has erupted there only, and this has questioned the decentralized nature of its blockchain.

EOS Block Producers Ordered to Freeze 27 Accounts

There were previous reports that were floating around on social media that EOS block producers were ordered to freeze 27 accounts. The order came from ECAF in a letter with the signature of Sam Sapoznick who is the ECAF Interim Emergency Arbitrator. This created a huge controversy, and Crypto Twitter was on fire regarding this centralized governance model on a decentralized blockchain. They were questioning if we are going back to the same government and bank setup with this kind of centralization.

Dictators at EOS Threatening Block Producers

Even before the controversy surrounding the freezing of 27 accounts is yet to cool down, we hear another bitter news from EOS. It has been reported via a screenshot being shared by one of the Block Producers that he was threatened for not freezing accounts and that he may have to face a lawsuit for it. Below is the screenshot shared by one of the Block producers and you can see yourself the authoritative behavior of the Arbitrator.

You can see how the Block Producer has been abused for not complying with EACF. Also, he was warned that he would attract a lawsuit for this.

Crypto Twitter on Fire

Crypto Twitter was on fire about this new controversy, and they were really against such centralized powers destroying the beauty of decentralized blockchain technology with their governance model. This whole episode can be explained in layman terms with an easy example. Say you are using internet and the government is appointing someone who always monitors you at you home and blocks your account if you watch any sites against their will. Below are some of the tweets accusing EOS of this authoritative governance model.

We have to wait and watch if EOS will relax its governance model and become more decentralized and not destroy the essence of this technology.