Erik Voorhees Explains Ideology Behind Crypto and Blockchain

Erik Voorhees, blogger at and Bitcoin pioneer has made a lasting impact on the world of crypto. This article will look into Erik’s contributions to the crypto industry, but before that, let’s give a bit of “blockchain and crypto context” to the discussion. 

The Blockchain space is what it is today, because of the brilliant minds, who populate this exciting crypto universe. The technology has indeed made people believe in the seemingly impossible. That being, power by the people, for the people and has brought the world a little closer to a better reality.

Just like Satoshi,  founder of Bitcoin, envisioned it, a world without borders and a central authority, we are indeed on the way to an incorruptible economy. Digital information distributed and not copied–Blockchain is the new backbone of a safer and secure internet (one of its major benefits). But to make this technology flow towards its righteous goal, there are REAL project creators from the community, who make this crypto universe worth its value today.

Erik Voorhees

Erik Voorhees is the co-founder of Bitcoin company, Coinpault, and the creator of which is an instant altcoin and bitcoin exchange platform. Erik has been recognized as one of the prominent Blockchain entrepreneurs and advocates. He is also famous for his revolutionary gaming product, SatoshiDICE–a Blockchain-based betting game launched in 2012.

The online gambling game was widely criticized for its then-acquired gambling traffic which was exponentially high. Erik sold SatoshiDICE as a result of its controversy to an anonymous investor at a price of $11.5 million.

The Cryptocurrency engine and its impact

Erik firmly believes that the greatest scam that has been inflicted on us is the widespread currency corruption and cryptocurrencies are the means that can change it. Having created, ShapeShift–a crypto-to-crypto exchange,  Erik believes that the whole notion of “one crypto” ruling the crypto universe is false and the people who follow them, also called as “maximalists”, will face a heavy loss soon enough. According to Erik, the whole confusion around cryptocurrency within banks and governments is just temporary as they will realize the true importance of crypto evolution soon.

Erik noted at a startup event in 2017:

We’ll see how big this can get before central banks realize that it’s an existential threat to their scam. I use that word very intentionally. They create money out of thin air. Everyone is impoverished by it. Not 1 person in 1000 understands that’s going on. Governments, banks, and central banks aren’t going let this transition happen easily or peacefully. I think Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has a chance to displace the dishonest money that people have been using for the last 100 years.”

Erik, a strong believer of cryptocurrency or “honest money” like he prefers to call it, has so far created 5 offerings, PRISM–asset portfolio that is built on ethereum; KeepKey–a hardware storage platform;–crypto-to-crypto exchange; and–a data provider. He is indeed an integral figure in the crypto universe who has contributed greatly, to shape it, into a more practical and promising way.  

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