Exciting Changes Coming to the Darcrus Project

Darcrus is a project that is disrupting the way legacy business handle their data management and recovery systems through the use of blockchain technology. As the project steams ahead towards the official release of the dAppsheet v1 and the much awaited Doolittle Institute presentation, changes to the project and team additions are coming.

Although the Darcrus asset is currently issued on the NXT blockchain, Sigwo has recently announced in the July Update blog post that the Darcrus token may soon be ported into the Waves blockchain, citing reasons such as ease-of-use among others. The Darcrus asset is already live on the Waves blockchain.

Given the community-driven nature of the project, however, the change is currently up for vote, with votes being weighted according to DAR holdings. The poll will last until June 27th and in case the users decide on Waves, a swap will take place. Click here to learn more.

Not only is the Darcrus token changing, so is its team. Introduced in the aforementioned blog post, Vaughn has been introduced to Darcrus and Sigwo Technologies as a Content and Marketing Manager. Getting “straight to business”, Vaughn is already tasked with expanding Darcrus’ outreach via continued meetups. The announcement reads:

“Vaughn has been involved in crypto since 2013. He’s helped various successful projects launch marketing strategies as well as offered additional services including communications, design, promotions and project management.”

Along with the new team addition, Sigwo has also announced the definite release of the new websites for Darcrus and Sigwo Technologies, which have been postponed before in order to make room for more important tasks.

Unfortunately, not all has gone exactly as planned with the Darcrus and Doolittle Institute, which was delayed due to “scheduling conflicts”. The delay is not foreseen as a problem as Sigwo has been at the sight reviewing current systems in the DoD, which are currently in desperate need of a new and disruptive solution like the one provided by Darcrus. He wrote:

“During the last 2 weeks, I’ve seen 2 databases crash and rebuilt instead of having Jupiter available to restore the information simply by switching to a different Jupiter node. The opportunity is here and time for pushing the capabilities of Jupiter’s products.”

As for other ongoing activities, the C3 Technologies Proof of Concept is still running and Sigwo Technologies is tracking a lead for a major ICO project to assist with some code, forking a platform, and give consultation assistance.

To learn more about Darcrus, visit the official website and read the blog.